Swervebot Cave Scene, Marc Andreoli, Superscape Inc. (3D)


Title: Swervebot Cave Scene
Name: Marc Andreoli, Superscape Inc.
Country: Usa
Software: 3dstudio Max 5.1, Vray Free

This robot is based on a 2D drawing that Hethe (hethe.com) did for some company t-shirts. I took his design and recreated the scene in 3D for a small ‘personalized’ company poster that is hanging above my desk right now :slight_smile:

The ‘head’ of the robot contains the logo of our company’s main product, Swerve, a 3D engine for mobile devices. The engine is JSR184 (Java standard) compliant, hence the number on the side.

I used subdivision surfaces to model everything in the scene. The displacement of the rocks is based on an image map, while the color and bump maps are a mix of procedural and image maps. The ‘grainy’ parts of the texture is controlled by the slope of the geometry to simulate accumulated sand/dust/dirt. Two spotlights illuminate the scene and global illumination was enabled. Some basic post processing was done in Photoshop (color, contrast…), but nothing was ‘painted’ into the image.

Please let me know what you think of the composition and lighting, or if you have any other comments…


Well, I think you’ve done a great work there, modelling, maping, lighting, everything looks very good!
I think that somehow a ‘spot of attention’ is missing. That could be the logo, but it doesn’t pop out enough… maybe a very slight glow to the orange shape and a reflection of it on the armor would look nice…


I love light and atmosphere!


coCoKNIght: thanks for the comments and praise :slight_smile: . I think you are right about the lack of focal point, enhancing the glow might work. There might also be a lack of contrast between the robot and the background (especially legs), or maybe the background is just too detailed and destracts from the ‘simple’ form of the robot. I tried to place a ‘rim’ light to bring out the contour, but it always looked kind of artificial. Oh well, guess I will have to try a little bit harder :smiley:

P.S: btw, I grew up in Binningen, just outside of Basel…small world


!! I’m actually from Bottmingen… small world indeed!!
Um… Anyway: I don’t think the backgroud is too detailed, I like it the way it is, but perhaps you could move the bot a little to the front? I’ve noticed the crack in the floor just now and maybe that would also look cooler/get more focus if the foot was nearer to the pit.


Funny box-robot,nice enviroment and technique.:slight_smile:


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