Sweet Street Art


painter art!


First that nice akira art, and now this…

You don’t fail to astonish me again :applause:
Looks like a big, mean boogieman to scare young children, because of it’s somewhat out of the ordinary face. Then the tramp clothes and shoes, but i wonder where that boomblaster comes from. Maybe i completely misinterpreted the picture, sorry for that :rolleyes:

all the e’s on the background still puzzle me, but i don’t see at all what the background is meant to be. I see the shadow is somewhat bended to the right, so that means the background is something like an halfpipe or something. But that’s strange, because the e’s are all straight. I don’t know if you get the point, i’m not good at phraising this in english, but mayeb you should take another look at that.

Really nice :applause:


I agree with last poster, its interesting… I like it but i don’t quite get it.


The e letters scare the hell out of me. It’s Internet Explorer!!! Aaarrgh, we’re doomed! :smiley:


ooh nice… the french striped top is lovely

a few things:

the boots look undefined, like they need finishing.

the stereo looks too high for him to be holding it.

i agree, the background is… strange.


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