Sweet Natalie, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)


five stars! But the eye looked a lot better on your WIP renders…


Very realistic model, Fantastic. :thumbsup:



Very nice! You have great skill. I like very much your last 2 images…the ones with that asian girl portrait! They look so real!


First of all : W.O.W.

I’ve been looking for a 3D picture of her since I saw the CG Jennifer Garner.
Her eyes looks weird, but anyway, it’s fantastic !
Great job.


very nice model and rendering!
nothing to put comment on :slight_smile:


Your work is terrifyingly real! Don’t know how you do it but its fantastic. :slight_smile:


shes scary but almost undeniably convincing. Something about her that makes her look like something between a wax figure and the real thing. Perhaps if you added some more subdermal detail (below the first layer of skin) like vains and pore detail (aside from the pore bumps). Or even down to the micro hairs on her face. I think what else is drawing away from the realism is her expression as if shes staring past the cupids into space. I think you’ve done a more convincing job with Song Hye Kyo.

Great Job. Keep up the good work.


Thats an element I personally have always liked about CG figures, ever since I played Final Fantasy 8.


im kinda scared by this image, looks better in your profile pic than the fullsize,

something about it looks constricted almost like rigor mortis. she definitely looks dead something about her face isn’t soft and human enough for me, i think you’ve stumbled into the uncanny valley by accident.

great model tho for some reason she just strikes me as very scary.


On the one side she looks like feeling pain or being scared on the other side she seems to smile ??


Wow! Just Wow! :thumbsup::slight_smile:
I have a hard time comprehending that is CG it’s so real, I was following your WIP, and I have to say it turned out even better then I thought it would


It looks like the Cupids kill the overall impression of reality, they are also missing from the eyes reflection.


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