Sweet Natalie, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)


the eyes are really well done, i’d be interested to see your setup for them…modeling, texturing and shader setup


Yes, the hair is making her really homely and that’s no easy feat, making Natalie Portman plain. :wink:

I’d say do something much more flattering with her hair.


Amazing! :drool:

Really good work! Looks like her, you got her mood I think…
Just change this hair please, it is good… but she´s perfect! You did the most difficult thing to achieve :wink:
If she sees it she will love it for sure :wink: lol

Best wishes! Congratulations! Keep on ! :thumbsup:


=P, sorry about the hair…but making her look plain was my main plan at first…using less make up too.

the eyes are using SSS shader, with standart texturing, I also put a little bit red into the subdermal part. The reflection was using HDRI map.



Wow!great work!


This is wonderful work man, especially the model. But you need an avatar so we can remember you. :slight_smile:


…just g_r_e_a_t, max :applause:


Thnks for the eyes explanation. I got intrigued by that. It is sooo real, man you did such a hard work there !
Hair is hard to make perfect, but as I told you, you did the most difficult to achieve,
Believe this char will go to Exposé or something like that ! Good luck !
Congratulations again ! :slight_smile:

By the way I saw her once long ago in LA, face to face, she´s a too delicated person and delicated face anatomy, hard to get that subtle details and amazing beauty only by photo references.
She is incredible in my opinion, so I bow to your choice ! :bowdown:


great work, there’s a definite likeness to the real Natalie. well done. :twisted:


Fantastic! I like this image, very nice.


can you explain us something about the skinshader(i guess miss fast) and about the eye shader?what kind of lighting did you use?did you use final gather?


It may just be that I like Natalie Portman, but great work, I thought it was a photo when I first glanced at it.


Lovely work!!

I’m really amaized at the likeness.

The hair is fantastic, love the fact that it isn’t super glossy like most hair that you see around. I alos love the hairstyle… something quite different.

Frontpage and award please :wise:



Damn, I thought it was actually her! Nice work


modeling is perfect. love color and soft texture


You’ve worked really hard on this and I’m really impressed with the result. You captured great emotion in her eyes and god knows how hard it is to give facial expression to a face. The smile is one of the hardest by far to do in 3d and you’ve really achieved it. You can take a rest now and enjoy your finished piece, but don’t forget we’re all waiting for your next one!

pierre :thumbsup:


Great work. You made it from zspheres ?


I’m not sure if you could have done any better but I think this is still in the uncanny valley. Great job but to me she looks a little creepy. Maybe her neck is a little long? I dunno.


Very realistic model and interesting composition.

Congratulations! Keep on !:bowdown:


just wanted to post here and give my five stars:bowdown: