Sweet Natalie, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)


Title: Sweet Natalie
Name: Max Edwin Wahyudi
Country: Indonesia
Software: 3ds max, ZBrush

I updated the image with the new one:

This is a render of Natalie Portman. My main objective was to create the smiling face of Her. The love theme was meant for the valentine day a while back.

I used zbrush mainly for modeling and texturing, and 3dmax for creating the hair and rendering. And photoshop to add a little bit blurring to simulate the depth of field.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Fantastic work, and détails! i like this work in Zbrush!!! vote for you :slight_smile:


Wo really amazing!

Looks like a photo…
Very impressive!:thumbsup:



Frontpage stuff!!



amazing work. the textures and the lighting are great. the only crit, there are aa artifacts on th hair. perhaps you can render another one with higher aa. ?



May I ask how did you get so realistic skin in zbrush? I mean all those wrinkles, spots. Is this a Alpha brush to use in projection master? Please, tell me sth. more about it!


great! so realistic! there is just one thing that bother me, it’s the hair, you should have done her with a more interesting hair-cut maybe a longer one, anyway, very good work…


Super realistic. She’s such a hottie (RL).


Thats really really really nice!:surprised congratulations guy. you have done it great. every thing is just nice.:thumbsup:


Nice! it looks just like her.:thumbsup: Now just dress her up as queen amidala.


great job!
gak sangka orang indo ada yang bisa jago zbrush juga!
untuk kritik, bibirnya kayaknya kurang sekontras matanya. Jadi biubirnya kayak di photoshop gitu. Tuers merah2 di kulitnya, bisa di break lagi, sekarang rada mulus shadingnya jadi rada kayak plastik.
tapi bagus banget! ditunggu karya berikutnya.



Well done!


the skin is crazy, man

Great work


I thought this has already been good, the hair should be possible to process well :applause:


hey, thx so much for all the nice words and comments, I really appreciated it :slight_smile:

about the hair, seems like It didn’t cross my mind to render in higher setting/res at first =P. Maybe I was worried if it will go crash again…

I created the wrinkles and stuff using the standart way I guess, used projection master with the default alphas. I also used tablet mouse to draw

pum - hehe makasi, tapi gua terus terang masi kurang paham tentang shadernya, musti belajar lebi banyak lagi nih =)


Very realistic model, thumbs up on that. Her stare is a little empty thou, would like to see her with an expression.


Incredible ! It’s her !
(Only one little critic the ambiant lightnig is la little to flat on the right side of the face, compare to the rest of the picture)


You really have captured her likeness which is, in my opinion, the most difficult thing to do.

I saw her recently with a shaved head-that would have made life easier for you! Hair is another tricky thing to get right.


Very lifelike, congrats :thumbsup:. Personally, I quite like the “empty expression”, it’s very Natalie I think heh.


Great work, but I think her eyes are too wide out. They should be close to eachother.