sweep along a helix: can't get the settings right


Hi all–I ended up making this shape on the left the hard way, multiple helixes, two extrudes, and a loft. When what I really want to do is a single sweep. But I messed with all the settings (bank, parallel movement, etc) and it just wouldn’t work out, would love to know how to do it properly. thanks!


I came up with this, is it close to what you’re after?


yes, looks perfect! I’m going to try to replicate… :slight_smile:

will hit u up again if I can’t figure it out!


so close, can’t figure out how you got the ends of your shape to be vertical–instead of angled like mine? cheers from Central WA :slight_smile:


You’ll need to rotate the square spline that is the profile.

(You probably know this already, but you can’t rotate the square object itself to get the effect you need…Enable Axis and then rotate its axis.)
I believe I rotated on the pitch.


that did the trick, thanks a lot gooch!


Woot! Glad to help.


Use a Revolution object and modify Movement attributes.