SW Fan film project seeking help!


Hello, and thanks for reading. My name is Scott McConnaughey I posted this in the “Studios Hiring” section but am hoping to get the word out as much as possible…

I am a student who is currently trying to start a small studio in Boston. We are now operating under the title, Chinchilla Warfare Studios and have just begun our first project, code name: “Shadow Moons.”

Although that may sound secretive and pretty stellar, it really may not be as crazy as it seems. The project we are working on is a for the Star Wars Fan Film awards in June. It will be a featurette, if all goes well, and hopefully worth the effort put forth by taking home some award. The project is rather last minute, yes, but achievable. The script is written and actors have been selected, and filming will begin next week!

The harsh underlying truth of my situation is my team, while very knowledgeable in video editing, grading and production, has little real knowledge on creating special effects as seen in “the movies.” The work we can accomplish may not be enough to finish the film in time, or to the scale, which we desire.

This is a plea for any artist willing to help with some 3d environment construction, character animation, matte painting, modeling, rotoscoping, rendering and/or any other type of work we may need to make this film a success. I hate to say it, but we ourselves are trying to fundraise just enough to support our habits, so paying you is probably not an option… but I can assure anyone willing to help with this will find it to be a worthwhile and fun endeavor.

Work will not be too challenging and any skills you have at all are more than appreciated. Respond if you’re interested or send email to elitodd420@yahoo.com



you should also try posting this request over at scifi-3d. They do quite a bit of SW fan film 3d stuff and have a forums as well… be good to drop them a line, perhaps you all could collaborate.



hey thanks for the tip… thats a great start!

To give some more details the film takes place on planets never seen before in star wars movies, and races that are all origonal as well. What I plan on doing is shooting the footage, seeing what shots I can finish with my crew and then see what others can fill in.


I sent you an email and never got a reply.


If you don’t have much time, try and limit the script to shots of spaceships flying past and what not that are quick to do, you could probably organise to use some of the ready built meshes online. Don’t think VFX make or break any starwars short anyway, usually the spotty faced 14 year old kids cast as Jedi Knights break the illusion;)


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