Suzie, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Suzie
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Its been ages since I last did any personal work, so Ive been busy over the last 3 weeks or so working on my latest character - Suzie!

Ive been really inspired by some of the work of Dean Yeagle recently and fancied having a crack at making something in a similar style, but in 3d.

Im pretty pleased with the result, and the costume choices!
Once again, I hope I have improved upon bunny/ office girl.

Hope you like her!


Man, definetely you must spend more time in personal projects. Every time you do is a kick ass piece you post here. And this time it wasn’t different. She’s gracious, beautiful and expressive. Great, great work.
Question: She’s fully animatable, or you just rig to make stills?
5 stars for sure.


She’s so cute!
Very good model and great poses!


Yep - she’s fully animatable with 30-odd morphs and phonemes. I intend to get back into animation again and give it a shot.
The skinning isnt as robust as id like it to be - volume is lost around the arse and elbows when bent to extreme poses, and the clothes intersect a bit when the pelvis is rotated. I tweaked these imperfections for the stills using an edit mesh modifier on top of the stack.

Ive also posted another pose image in my portfolio:


Very goot. I love her impressions. They are very different and the character suits them well. Very nice. :thumbsup:


Andy, if you don’t get front page for this I shall cry! Great work mate! :wink:


Erk! People will be sick of me!
Im on the CGJobs thing, as well as the xmas ballistic book banner, plus, ive got one of those featured artist interviewy things coming up. :cool:

You should get your Elvgren gate girl up in the 2d gallery - that needs frontpage like human beings need air!


WOW Andy, she’s so cute and intriguing, what a beautiful piece of… art!
i’m in lack of words, in italy we would say: “che gnocca!”

Dean Yeagle and Mandy, of course, will be proud of you!
cannot wait for an animation.
10 stars if could be possible!

bye… Vince

you talked about face expression, may we see any?


*Wonderful piece…lovely character, i ilike all the poses you did:bounce:…congrats mate!:thumbsup:


I sent Dean the renders last night and he loved them, whch made me very happy as he was the main inspiration for this.

As for the facial expressions, hopefully, you will be able to see them if i get round to animating her.

Cheers for the comments.


Hi, nice model and nice facial expressions(as always) :thumbsup:
However I liked your previous models more. I think this one lacks a certain something. Maybe it’s that her breasts are to big and her waist to thin or her toes look to stiff, the very undefined bellybutton or the very hard lower edge of the nosetip. Hmmm, no, I can’t really fiddle out what it is. Maybe it’s just a matter of personal taste. :smiley:

Good luck on animating. :slight_smile:


very very excelent cartoon charakter :slight_smile: perfekt riging & skining :thumbsup: She is beatiful !


Yeah, the toes are a bit naff arent they? They were kindof an afterthought as her base model has feet modeled to fit inside high heels. They looked inappropriate on the bikini costume, so i made her some bare, flat feet (quickly) and stuck em on. Youre right about the belly button thing too - I always find that area tricky to make.
Ad for her proportions, they are meant to be OTT and sexy. They are probably toned down compared to Dean Yeagle’s characters, mind. I know its lost that toned down, non-blatantly sexual appeal that bunny girl had, but that wasnt the intention wth suzie :wink:


Alow me to admire you :slight_smile:
I like the work of Dean Yeagle, and you have totaly catched the style. What’s next, Rion Vernon style, maybe? Looking forward to see your future stuff.


Another masterpiece uf yours,eh? Nice!! 4*


OOOOO … Sexy and EYE candy man, good work ***** from me…


She really got tons of character, lovin it!



you’ve catched everything perfectly. I like the whole character, and I like the most, that you’ve paid attention to armpit distortions, etc.

You really deserve the five stars


You really did a good job at the poses and expressions, like in your other works…
I also love the style of the model :slight_smile:


Awesome work as always Andy. Congrats.