Suzanne Awards + New Rules ... your opinion?


This year’s Blender Conference Art Festival will have a special focus on animation.
In the past two editions of the Blender Art festival we had an award for “Best Art” and for “Best animation”. To further promote and support animation creation with Blender (and also because of the overwhelming amount of excellent stills being made now) I’ve decided to limit the Suzanne Award presentation and festival to animations only. And this in three categories;

Best Animation, original idea and story

Best Character Animation

Best Animation Artwork

The nomineees for the Suzanne Award for animation will be choosen by the Orange Team in Amsterdam, who each will be excluded from nomination themselves.

The Blender Foundation also will announce a couple of special extra PRIZES for best submitted animation work!

  I know that Blender's current development focus is on overhauling it's animation tools, but [b]COME ON !![/b]

Excluding the still images, the games and the python efforts (specially the python efforts, wich has been huge this year) and giving the lame excuse of “we won’t be praising it because it is already too good” … hmmm… that send a lot of bad images to the user community. Starting by telling then that producing high quallity images isn’t in Blender’s best interest.

If there are so many good images done recently is because the community in general has ventured out of it’s own soap box and has looked what is been done outside and has decided to compete… that spirit should be encouraged, no disencouraged.

Plus… taking THAT decision when you are also the head of the Orange Animation Project… I smell a biased judgement.

If they wanted to put enfasis on the animation they could have created more branches and more prizes for that category… but cutting off a tree’s roots won’t make it grow stronger, and still image production is by far the biggest Blender’s root.


Instead of taking that they are putting down or discounting the great work done in the other categories, you might want to look at it that they are trying to encourage animation.

In light of the new improvements to animation tools, it actually makes perfect sense. They are advertising and promoting an area of blender that has often been overlooked and put on hold in favor other needed tools and features. This is animation’s year to shine and show what can be done.

Many companies have contests or awards for projects that use new features or features that need to be promoted.

Besides, this is a special focus for this year, doesn’t say anywhere that animation is the only thing that will be awarded from now on. Next year could be game creation for all we know.

Don’t take it so personally. Take it as a challenge to improve your animation skills. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not yet up to the level of competing for a Suzanne award, but that hasn’t stopped me from brushing up on and trying to improve my skills with all the new improvements, now available to play with.

And come on, don’t you ya just love seeing your beloved little model move and run around the screen. I do.:slight_smile:


I agree with promoting the animation side, but not by shooting out all other aspects of Blender.

Look at the MakeHuman2 (and it’s hair plug in), or at the sofbodies, or at the new fluid simulator… or at the new boolean tool, even look at the Blender WikiBook that got choosen best book of the month. I find those equally or even more price worthy than any Blender animation done recently.

If they want to add 200 extra prices for animation FINE, but please don’t disrespect the people working in other areas of the software by ignoring their achievements.


i agree with appo , there should be prizes in still, game writing and scripting too.
if they wanna promote animation let them do a special years theme prize and make the theme this year animation. (any way isnt an animation just putting stills behind eachother?)


you’re not alone apollux, i thought the exclusion of stills was kind of lame too. i can’t really see the reason behind it - the decision seems arbritrary.


i think that the awards are a great idear and i think if you so worried about the programers than you can make an award for them



The only thing that bothers me is the late decision.
Making a good animation takes time and the decision gave not much time to anyone interested in submiting work to the Contest.

I would be a nice decision if it was stated 4 to 6 months before the Conference, but deciding it very close to the actual date will just make people not even interested in participating.

What we will see is just a small bunch of animations done about 4 or more months ago.
I think this late decision will turn out to be the oposite of what Ton had in mind.

In the end you will see poor animations and a 1 or 2 nice animations, making your choice not that difficult.


it started 3 months thats not that bad is it


That was for people that check Elysiun (the so called unnofficial users forum).
For those that don’t have that much time to check Elysiun, the official start date was :

[i]Posted on September 10, 2005 By: Ton Roosendaal

[/i]This year’s Blender Conference Art Festival will have a special focus on animation.

So, this gives less then a month to make an animation.
Either you don’t have a job and have plenty of time to do it, or you won’t do it at all.

This important decisions must be on Blender’s front page, not in a thread at Elysiun.
This way I consider the official decision date the September 10th.


One more thing.

People were interested in participating in the contest, but many people were to submit stills, not animations. So for this people, the decision to just allow animations killed their possibility to enter the contest. They could enter, but only if they made an animation and this decision was made in September 10th.

Also, in the Elysiun post there is no mention that the Suzanne Awards would be just for animations this year. So the animations submission started at July 7th, but the decision that there would only enter the contest animations was September 10th.

I think that what Ton had in mind was to push people to make better animations for the Suzzane awards, but the late decision just killed the whole purpose, leaving the people that were supposed to submit just stills with less then one month to make a nice animation. Only people that were to submit an animation in the first place won’t be affected by this decision.

This is a “Shame on you Mr. Ton” :slight_smile: .

The decision would be great if done 4 months earlier. It would really push animations forward, since people doing stills would get motivated into really learning animation and submit a great animation to the festival.

But hey, nothing can be done now, it is just too late for that, just hope Ton learns from this mistake and fix it the next time around.


dude dont noc ton he does alot and he doesent have to


Let’s not go into that, he runs a Foundation …
Ton does alot and has lots of work on his hands all the time, I am not taking Ton’s credit for what he does for Blender and with the Foundation. He does a hell of a job, taking into account that most of the foundation work is done by him solo.

I am just stating that it was a bad move, don’t take me wrong, I know Ton and spoke to him several times on several issues and he always tries to do the best he can.

I just hope that Ton sees this was a mistake and fixes it the next time he has to make a similar decision, everyone makes mistakes, we learn from mistakes and move forward as better people.


I’m not totally aware of all the issues involved here so I won’t comment much on the timing etc, but I should make it clear that no work from the Orange project, nor any of our personal work will be competing either. I can’t see any bias there, and surely any personal biases will be evened out between the six of us.

I’m told that the selection process for last year’s awards was incredibly difficult and time consuming. Each person had to look through an enormous amount of imagery, attempting to remember what was what, and somehow come to an agreement on it. With all the duties organising the conference, this was just too much for Ton to do this year. So I think in order to simplify things, and also to emphasise Blender as an animation application, this decision was made.

I’ll have a chat to Ton about it when he’s around. I think there will definitely be stills in the art festival, even if they aren’t competing for prizes.


Plus… taking THAT decision when you are also the head of the Orange Animation Project… I smell a biased judgement.

brkn, when I talk about biasing, I don’t mean it like “let’s make it animation only so we (the Orange Team) would have more chances of winning” or anything like that. They made it quite clear (late but clear) that no member of the Orange Team could be nominated for a Suzanne.

When I talk about biasing I mean it in this sense:
“Well… since WE (the Orange Team) are the best of the best, since WE are working on a short film, since WE are fueling the next wave of Blender development evolution… then this year OUR workfield is the only thing that matters and everything else comes second”.

Was that on Ton’s mind when he took that decision? Who knows. But certainly that is the impression the reader gets if he/she has been fallowing the recent happenings about Blender.


In my opinion Ton was just thinking that since there is a team of some of the best BlenderHeads with him (Orange Team), might as well use them to select the best animations.

I don’t think of it as a bad choice.

In the end I and others on the Conference will be the ones choosing the winner, right ?!


No it’s not like that at all, it’s much more like he’s giving as many tasks on to other people as possible since he’s so extremely busy right now. Heck, all of the Orange team will be helping out at much as possible, spending the conference working behind the front desk, cleaning toilets, making lunch, to help things run smoothly. Relax, there is no evil conspiracy :slight_smile:


Hi my names Lee, i work on project orange, and i like blender :wink:

thats about all there is to me =D we’re too busy blending to make conspiracy’s!


Hello! I’m bassam. I’m working in the Orange project as well.

Yes ! WE (the orange team) are going to make your sandwiches, WE are going hand your badges and WE are even going to clean your toilets! it IS an evil conspiracy…

well, just kidding about the conspiracy part… Ton is trying to streamline the conference as much as possible so he’s asked people who are here to help (not just the orange team- he even convinced my gf to do some desk work at the conference)

Oh, and don’t make a mess in those toilets… we’ll find some way to take revenge on you in the movie :wink:


Moving on to what really bothers me about the anouncement:

(brkn, since you are close to Ton, please make him this comment in my behalf)

If you are an examplary employee, the one that always are in time to work, the most productive worker at the office… and you asked your boss for a raise, and he answered you with “you know, you are already our best employee but we won’t give you the raise because your motivation is good enough already.”

Any self-respecting “best employee”, within the next 30 minutes, would either:

1.- Present his resignation letter to the boss.
2.- Ask for a meeting with his boss superior.

Now, read again the

because of the overwhelming amount of excellent stills being made now
statement and think how are feelling all those hard working artis that has been putting out those “excellent stills” ?

If the selection comitee was worried about the pre-classification work of the many entries, then they should have made the submision deadline earlier (maybe one month before from when it currently is) so they have more time to do their work (and opening the submision one month earlier, of course).


hi, my name is andy and i’m also working on project orange here in amsterdam. i’m using blender for a long time now and i love it. i also love making movies.
and i attended all of the past blender conferences and participated in both, the preliminary (the one of the previous year’s winners) and the final voting (art festival audience) process. i gotta say that this voting was a bloody mess.

the blender conference is run by the blender foundation and it’s entirely organizised by ton and the part-timers at bf. the effort that goes into this every single year is overwhelming. the whole thing is a curtesy to the blender community. the blender foundation pays for awards and everything. Ton isnt your boss either, and he doesnt owe you anything in my opinion.

now… feel free to make your own award ceremony to please all the hard working artists. or if you had volunteered to help with the future voting process i’m sure you would have gotten full support.

i’m sorry for the hard words… but knowing all the people in person… and the whole motivation behind this… it just makes me fricking sad to read complaints like this :sad:

you also dont make art to get awards.