Susanne Kohl - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut



okay - my first animation session here at CGTalk - I’m a little bit nervous … :wink:

My story:

  1. A bodybuilder exercises his daily training …
  2. He hears a sound, coming from anywhere
  3. The bodybuilder spots a mouse
  4. CUT - Face to Face with the little one …

And the storyboard:

  • Susanne


Looks good Susanne. I’ll keep an eye out…don’t be nervous…just go for it:)


Thanks Remi :slight_smile:

Okay, next step … First Animation Test with extremes:


The model is made by Joe Cosman . It’s part of his Tutorial-CD “Rigging2” for messiah:animate. Great model :slight_smile:

Critics and ideas are very welcome.



Nice, I like the idea and the timing it’s working well even at this early stage and the cut looks great.

I’ve got a couple of minor ideas though;

I might be wrong, but wouldn’t he move the other foot when he adjusts to look around. The way he’s moving there it looks like he’d be very unstable [weight distributed over a small area, leaning over away from the feet]
It’s a personal preference but I’m not too keen on parts of the animation going off the top of the screen. Maybe just tilt the first camera up, or zoom out slightly.

This looks like it’s got great potential. What animation have you got planned for the poor guy at the end?



Hi Stu, thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, you are soo right … I took the wrong foot! I should have tried it on my own, even it was hard :smiley:
Well, maybe the cude little mouse is going to stretch his nose at the end … hehe

This time, still extremes but I went over the poses again. I tried to make the weight a little bit more dynamic. Start of facial expressions. So, next one:


  • Susanne


Time is running … :rolleyes:

Now my animation with interpolation … facial expression … and my little cude mouse at the end :slight_smile:

CGTalk1204_SuKo_03.avi (3,5 MB)

Any feedback is really welcome. TIA !

  • Susanne


hahahah - very nice :thumbsup:

What I find irritating is the look to the upper left and the body turn. A more neutral or suspicious “I hear something but I don’t know what it could be yet” expression that isn’t that much in the opposite direction of the mouse could be better maybe?
The body turn is missing the enormous weight - you can’t rotate such a weight that easily, can’t you? :wink:
After the “touchdown” the head could do more of a follow through and hit the ground before it goes up again.

But this looks like a killer idea - the mouse is sooo cute - she didn’t even have to move :thumbsup:

Very nice work!


Thanks a lot, Thomas … :slight_smile:

While more and more fine-tuning, I tried your suggestion of looking upwards in a more suspicious way … and I minimized his body turn while looking up … :rolleyes:


I think that the reduction of movements at the beginning - being more idle now - gives a better contrast to his action afterwards.



I’m nearly done … :slight_smile:

… I would like to tweek a little bit more, but I’m not exactly sure about the exact end of the competition (the 20.december, okay … but in the night to the 21.december? On which timezone?). The next days I’m quite busy …

Well …
So I say that this is - at the moment - my “Pre-Final” … if I can find some time in the next 1-2 days … I will post my last update.

CGTalk1204_SuKo_Pre-Final.avi (4 MB)

Bye :wavey:



… my final version:


Hope you like it … :slight_smile:




finally I rendered my animation … :slight_smile:

CGTalk1204_SuKo.wmv (0,8 MB) (2 MB)

Animation & Rendering: messiah:studio 2.1
Model: by Joe Cosman … Thanks again … :thumbsup:

Oooh … and happy Xmas :bounce:



Fantastic work. My personaly favorite!



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