Surveyor Ship Spartan-Flower


Here’s a piece of a little project I am working on. I created the ship entirely within Electric Image Modeler and rendered it in EIAS. Hope you like.


Hi Reginald,

As Darth Vader says in your byline:


Joe T


Hi Reginald,
Very nice!
Did you try a version where the carbon scored areas had different specular maps?


I didn’t even THINK about altering the specularity of the carbon scoring! Great idea! Thanks!


Nice spacecraft!
As a Surveyor Ship the craft seems to have had is share of emotions…
Unless the thing has been in battle, I would use more of a “repeated use” wear map instead of a “I survived the explosions” map.
I’m not sure about the rust stains dripping from the windows on a spacecraft.
A spherical surface like that, under any use, is bound to get bumped repeatedly. A nice bump map with displacement would help sell the wear.
Is this part of something bigger? Other crafts, building, story…?
Please keep us posted with your project and thanks for sharing.


Thanks Richard! Actually the original goal was to create a movie short (two or three minutes long) that grabbed interest and kept it to the last frame with a decent payoff. The look of production is supposed to be more cartoony than ultra realistic (check out the Wute character in my portfolio, plus the command chair of the SpartanFlower).

As for the the battle scars, yep, Spartan-Flower has seen damage. She’s been in a lot of hide and seek play in debris fields, weathered explosions from seismic detonations and even had directed energy weapons touch her hull once or twice (plus one cave-in). Her only weapons: a communications laser, her fusion thrusters and the ability to run away via Corinthian Drive. I pictured surveying and prospecting like it was in the old west, but more cut-throat (“Oh, I haven’t seen Bill in days. I think he mentioned his star drive was glitchy…”)

I was actually working on the bump map for some dings two days ago, then Christmas stuff interrupted. LOL! Thank you for all your suggestions. Too bad EITG didn’t invest more time into Modeler. I used it for this project and it was fast!!! The only slowdown was really chamfer and filleting errors (oh yeah, and there was one point when I was over-designing - adding things that would just not be seen in the short - where I lost the entire file. Luckily I backup revisions like a maniac )


Beautiful job there Reg.
No Crits.

Congrats only!! :buttrock: :thumbsup: :arteest:


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