Surreal Challenge of Peter Ang


hi to all… im entering my third challenge here in cgtalk… and this one is my favorite coz i use to draw surreal and abstract drawings… only im using pen and ink media :slight_smile: u can see my traditional work here

wow when i saw his works … it amazes me… all the details and concept are perfect… and to think its traditional, no undos… unlike in this challenge most of us are using digital softwares… well anyway… heres my entry… as the rules says., i use Yerkas color palette and style for my image… il be explaining the meaning of the elements in my drawings later… as all we know… surreals have meanings and sometimes it reflects the artist who made it… not just making concepts out of it… but it depends in each artist how they deliver there work… some are just for fun, humor and some has meanings… just like Jacek’s work…

well anyways… here’s my entry wip for the surreal challenge of Jacek Yerka.


WHere is it?
All I see is an empty field, with a tree on either side.

Not very surreal as it appears right now…



lol… its still a wip :slight_smile: its too soon to be surreal… :slight_smile:


here’s an update for my wip :slight_smile: adding some leaves and mood to the scene :slight_smile:


here’s an update for my surreal challenge :slight_smile:


here’s an update for my entry… i added the globe and the house :slight_smile: il be explaining the meaning of this drawing after i finished it all


The mountains in the background are too gray, you have to add some orange-yellow colours to it. And colour whole painting, make the objects shine! :slight_smile:
Still don’t see any discreet sense in it. :shrug: But a painting is still good.


Looking good so far, I’m interested to see how this turns out!


thanks man :slight_smile:

here’s my update for today still lot more to finish…


it’s so beautiful! <3


[edit] Nevermind. You’ve got it right :slight_smile: I’m just trippin.


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