surpress warning message ?


hey folks,

is there a way to disable/surpress a maya warning message in a script ?

I think I heared about this, but I cant remember anymore …



the only thing i found was the “catchQuiet” command which is not what you are really looking for…

hows weta? :slight_smile:




hmmmm … I just know catch …but this just works for error messages …
I have a bunch of annoying warnings which I want to get rid of.

despite of that , its a lot of work. But I enjoy this beautyfull land. …though its winter over here and our house is frigging cold.

greetz to munich,


Well, a lot of these warnings say that you can disable them by typing in “cycleCheck - e off”. You can put it in you own script so it doesn’t display these kind of warnings.
For the other warnings you are getting, you could fix up the script that is responsable for these warnings.

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yeah, id love to know how to disable them too.
for instance, yesterday i was casting strings to ints, and you get dirtly little warnings telling you its doing exactly what you expect it to do. if you have these warnings spat out from a script intended for distribution, then such warnings might throw a user. yeah, you can often figure ways around, but it adds extra operations, which might be ok for once off ‘macros’, but in repitious, time sensative scripts its a waste.


perhaps a bit late, but beter late than never , here is the link :,2&Board=mayadevelopers&Number=171777&page=&view=&sb=&o=


scriptEditorInfo -e -suppressWarnings true;

Will prevent warning messages from being printed to the script editor, you’ll still seem the flash by in the status bar.


after this thread is coming up again…

i wonder why mark is still missing in here but i would say: supressing warning messages is not really a good idea. i would still say, that it is a lack of clean coding if you get them.
if you program all correctly there should not be any.

wrend: if you cast a string to int you will only get a warning if the string contains non digit data.
int $i = (int)(“1234”); // -> no warning
int $i = (int)(“1234a”); // -> warning




@ bruegger : does not work with maya 5.0.1 (and not in the MEL command reference.)

@ alexx : I agree with you , ( I am not a mel guru neither a programer) but I had the very annoying "Warning: Some items cannot be moved in the 3D view " message , becauseI was runing a mel script moving UV on a selected object, while I had my perspective view active and the “UV texture editor” window open.


i know those… very annoying and slowing down the execution of the script to zero.
i had it when i was working on larger particle systems and forgot to turn on the selection tool.

with some 100.000 particles you can turn off the computer then :slight_smile:




> @ bruegger : does not work with maya 5.0.1 (and not in the MEL command reference.)

Good point. It was new in 6.


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