Surface Baker not working



LightWave is seriously pissing me off today. First of all the Flip UV Point Map command in Modeler wasn’t working (until I closed down and re-opened LightWave), and now the Surface Baker isn’t working. I set up the shader, hit render and lo and behold, no surface baking. The scene renders but the surface baking just never happens.

At first it gave me a message telling me to switch off multithreading since it apparently doesn’t work with the Surface Baker, so I did that. So I know that LightWave knows the surface is supposed to be baked. But why isn’t it baking then? I’ve tried restarting LightWave but no change.

My patience is wearing thin and I really need to get this work done right now.

Could this be because my machine is a dual processor machine? Even though I set the render options to one thread, I am beginning to wonder if this shader doesn’t work on dual processor machines, because I never had this problem on my old computer.


Not to worry, I’ve got it working now… I think the problem was due to the FPrime shader sitting in the surfaces shading list as well. I removed it and now it’s working :shrug:


Do you get lots of bugs in Lw 8.

I have a rubbish system and I dont get much instability unless im dealing with lots of data in lw 7. (I really should upgrade to 7.5… just never got round to it.)


Actually, I am using 7.5 and not 8. I never upgraded to 8.

LightWave is just being annoying today. It keeps rendering black frames out instead of the baked image as well. But then I’ll just hit render again and then it renders properly.

Why is it that this kind of crap always happens when I have way too much work to do… It’s like your computer knows you can’t afford to waste time, and so it decides to be mean as some kind of cruel joke.



Tell me about it. :scream:

I had a day to make a 100 000 seater stadium. then my pc decides that any models over 2000 poly are gonna crash lightwave. Well i kinda of managed it, but got it all wrong in the end… ah well I got paid.


Surface baker is flaky, known problem and repoted to NewTek over a year ago.


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