Suraagh Rasaan (the Detective), Snehal Shashi Gopal (3D)


Title: Suraagh Rasaan (the Detective)
Name: Snehal Shashi Gopal
Country: India
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here is a small rundown on this Image
The name of the character is “Suraagh Rasaan” which is an URDU word and means “Detective”. I tried to put the personality of a man between 40 - 45 year age man.
I have used 3dsMax 8.0 For all the base mesh,Zbrush for modelling texturing and rendering,and finally Photoshop for post work.


Hi cggod

A really nice model the overall feel is very nice.


I like the textures a ton. The hat has a completely different feel from his skin and his neck piece. I can visually feel the texturing of it and I think that is a great accomplishment. I also really like the hair. . the only think I think is a bit funky is his ear. It looks…odd, Good work though. great achievement. Most inspirational I’d say! I look forward to your next post. 4/5 stars!


Thanks For ur kind reply NSiderN.


I though i could show some of the render’s befor post work’s


This is very good man.


i am just puttin a couple of close up shots


another close up image


Hi! it’s funny to see your image next to mine in some gallery’s today :wink:

you’ve done a really nice job in the texturing and modelling of the head. If i had a crit i’d be the lips end to pointy (in the close ups it seems better) and the eyes lack depth, it should be a bit darker in the middle.

keep up the good work cggod! :wink:


It’s good, but he doesn’t really look like he is about 40-45 years old.


Nice model i really like it.Well done boy keep up the good work.


ThankYou guys for all your critcs and appreciation.


Read the making of this character here:


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