SuperTracer Beta Plugin.


First Beta of SuperTracer is available now for testing and playing.
I have made this plugin today for testing some of C4D R12/13 SDK possibilities.

SuperTracer is a spline generator, that can track state of input object over time.
For now it support following modes “Chain”, “Net”, “Web”.
It can also be rendered using Hair.

      This Beta is for testing only!


Thank you, but before I download and install, could you give some information and examples as to what this is? I don’t all necessarily have the time to test, but if its something useful to me I will always bookmark and buy later.


Sounds nice, would like to try it out – but I guess this is for PC only?

Edit: Didn’t read the Readme.txt carefully enough. Would be nice to have a Mac Version :slight_smile:


hey, this adds a few possibilities i haven’t seen a Tracer do yet.
It’s actually 2 separate Tracers that can connect to each other.

definitely worth exploring.
( that Clear Every Frame Parameter is also nice ).



Mac OS X support added.


Nice, thank you Remo!

A nice addition could be that the Tracer behaves like the Ghosting
function in the Display tag, so one can choose how much frames
before and after the objects movement the spline is drawn


The new New SuperTracer version is available for testing.

Here are the most significant changes:

Added new “Net” mode, still not complete.
Added “History Depth” just like MoInstance.
Added “Start Frame” and “End Frame” limits.


Nice… :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this on the Lounge as well.

- link -

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Thanks you Rich_Art.

The new version is available with an bug fix for Net mode.


The new version is there.

“Web” mode was added.
Some new test scenes are included too.


can you give some explanation on what it does plz ? some screens ? some vids ?


Hi kiteman,

here is a short example for the supertracer in “webmode” for the structure i used a Realflow-TP-Group and it is renderd with hair.


there are usually some example scenes included…take a look at one of them…then whack the settings about…its beta so report any probs please…ideas are nice also…have fun


Oooooh! I gotta get me some of that.
Downloading now :slight_smile:
Thanks Remo

edit: opened all example files and they all worked and rendered fine :wink:


Not seeing any plugin on OS X R13. Also no example files in the download.
Looks neat though. If it works :surprised

EDIT: i see the example files now, but the plugin still isn’t found.


I have the same issue, copied the files in the plugin folder, but the plugin isnt showing up in C4D.


can you post some more info please…eg console messages etc…if you can’t see the plugin. :thumbsup:
a little more info might give remo something to go on


Ah, I got it to work. Heerko: You need to uncompress the .7z into a folder otherwise it spills files all over the place. Afterword copy that folder into the plugins.

Neat plugin – simple idea. Different than tracer because it makes a web of lines between everything, limited by a min and max distance. There seem to be a couple of different meshing algorithms that can be toggled.


Love it.
I’ve been using Plexus in AE and was hoping for a C4D equivalent.

I’m experimenting with MG Cloners and Web Mode.
It is creating a spline between each vertex of every object cloned. So for example, if I drop a cube into my Cloner object, and Web that, I get 8 points of connection for every cube. Fair enough. So I though if I used a Matrix object instead, I’d get one point of origin for each clone… but I am still getting multiple splines per clone.

So far the only way around this that I have found is to create a polygon object and delete all but one vertex, and clone that. Then I get the effect I want with SuperTracer… a single point of origin for each clone.

Can we have it so that the matrix object acts as I had expected?

If I am not clear, let me know and I’ll upload some sample images.

Really looking forward to this developing further!


could you explain with a picture please jeremyw?