Supers' Quandary , Von Caberte (2D)


Title: Supers’ Quandary
Name: Von Caberte
Country: Philippines
Software: Photoshop

Hello World.

I would like to share with you my “Strange Behavior” entry.

Joining the competition was a blast. I meet a lot of great artists that help me with this piece.

You can view my work-in-progress on link below:

Concept Paper
Idea: Capturing superhero’s sticky situation and presenting It in a humor way.

It’s been known that superheroes had a hard time meeting both ends of their lives; keeping their identity secret and dealing with their personal life as ordinary being at the same time pursuing their mission to keep the world safe.

Thus, will be my idea for my superhero’s adventure on such situation; this time in domestic circumstances.

Characters: Superhero and Grandma

Settings: Front door. Showing bit of receiving area.

Story: Superhero is about to leave the house to do his duty in saving the world. Grandma stands his way, disagreeing to Superhero leaving the house in underwear. Grandma presents a pair of pants.

Art Style: Cartoony but dense in details, should be true in achieving textures, lightings, clothing texture, reflection, refraction index on eyeglasses and specularity.

Shot: Quarter view

Composition: Rule of thirds


I love it :eek:

Great colors + great details + great lighting + great idea = Work with 5 stars :thumbsup:


Very funny! I love the characters expressions! Granny’s glasses are a great touch! Great details as well! :slight_smile:


awesome piece, no words it’s perfect. the rendering is amazing! gooood jooobb! 5 stars


Yeas, this picture is really funny and cool. Well done!


Vinta and Dchan- Thanks to both of you for giving it a 5 star.

Rudds – Hey, yes the granny’s glasses; took me awhile in achieving that effect, but it pays off.

Munzel – Me too, until now it still made me smile

Thanks again to all of you for taking time sharing your thoughts.


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