Superman, Jeremy Roberts (2D)


Title: Superman
Name: Jeremy Roberts
Country: Canada
Software: Painter, Photoshop

It’s a bird…

…It’s a plane…

…It’s a new Digital Painting!

This is my take on the Man of Steel. I did this painting over the weekend. It took about 10-15 hours.

Feel free to comment!


WOW… this is great! I love the painterly feeling. Love the red vs white light you have got going!

Your anatomy is great. The only thing i can crit is hsi puffed out rib cage below his pectorials… it seems more like a muscle than the edge of his rib cage (too rounded is what i am trying to say).

Great work!


excellent, very cool.


Beutiful work. I’m not normally very impressed by super heroes, but after reading “Kingdom Come” by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, I actually was. Not that it’s thanks to the heroes themselves though :wink:

Anyway. This is super, man!


I really like it! good work!


I really like the lighting and the overall paintery feel.
Well done.




I love your painting! it realy captures the superman feel, the face is realy recognisable as the classic superman cartoons and comics.

Good job!!



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