Superman (Chris Reeve Caricature) - WIP


Hi fellow CG artists…

  Here's some screenies of my Christopher Reeve Caricature as Superman WIP. Currently finished modelling the base mesh in Max and going to bring it through Mudbox to define his facial features as well as some muscle toning.

Thankyou to SlayerCZ for the AWESOME advice regarding the workflow between 3dsmax and mudbox. :thumbsup:

  ALL comments and critiques will be much appreciated! Hope you like the pics! ;)


I forgot to mention that I will be building a rig for it and posing/animating him.

Thanks :thumbsup:


Hi, thanks for credit, hope it helps man, wish you the best luck with superman:thumbsup:



It’s a good start, but I think you are straying too close to the comic version and away from the movie version. You gave Supes a lantern jaw. Reeves had high cheek bones, and a more narrow chin with a cleft. Also he had a very long and narrow nose.


Thanx RTBrain for the helpful comments…

This is the head reference I was working from in 3dsmax… But i do understand your valid points regarding the high cheek bones and narrow chin with the little cleft.

I havent touch any of the detailing in mudbox yet, its been busy past couple weeks.

But, I would like to mention also that this project is my FIRST attempt at a human form, So I’ve been learning about the anatomy, and modelling topology of a human figure.

However, that being said… I am going to tweek the form of the mesh including… Muscle groups, Facial features… etc.

One thing I have realised, is that I have a lot to learn still as far as modelling characters “Anatomically correct” and so im applying what I have learned to this first project.

Anyway… more pics to follow shortly.

Once again, thankyou for all comments… Its good to get some feedback “Good or Bad” from amazingly talented artists in the community! :thumbsup:

Keep the comments and crits coming. :bounce:


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