superman and wonderwoman, Sean Ellery (2D)


Title: superman and wonderwoman
Name: Sean Ellery
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

Last day of my term break, so back to work on Monday teaching the kiddies… bleah…

Anyway… believe it or not the background to this started off as yellow! Then I realised how sucky that looked. Still this one overall, while nice, lacks that little bit of ‘pizzazz’ to me shrugs

pencils = jim lee
inks = boysicat at



Wow,I love comic style,congratz,nice work!
By the way,I saw your gallery and The Cyblade is AWESOME ^^
I love that painting!


Looks very nice,

not sure why Superman is pushing around Wonderwoman, seems unfair.


Hey man,
Fantastic work. I like your style…Good choice of colors…great job ! 5 stars


superb in all properties!

ahh… I wish to draw and paint like these masters


This is very good work.


well it seams like she is handling the situation just fine, watch out for the groin SUPER MAN!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

great work man, keep it up!!!


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