Supergirl, Edwin David (2D)


Title: Supergirl
Name: Edwin David
Country: Taiwan
Software: Painter

supergirl fanart, i love superheroes stuff so i tried this one out. hope it came out ok, comments are very welcome since i’m new to this forum and cool website. I hope you guys like it as much as i enjoyed painting her. :slight_smile:


Wouah! she’s superb this super-girl, beautiful colors, beautiful environment, clearly, fresh! the drawing is very beautiful too. Cheer I like!! :slight_smile: I like super heroe :wink:


Very sexy girl :smiley:
I love this picture.


Very cool! Love the 50’s pin up style mixed with a modern style.
Great work.
Tariq. :thumbsup:


Hmm… those hands don’t look complete to me. The one resting on her hip is out of position. I say the palm needs to be on the hip a bit back for me to believe it’s not floating. And the other one ought to be resting atop the pole in order to get that hand poised like that. And not enough detail for both hands. I can see you overlooked that, because everything else is strinkingly beautiful.

And the rays … well …umm…to say it politely…killed it. I say a real hazy sun with those rays. It makes more sense to me. Why don’t you look up at the sun. You’ll see what I mean.

Her hair, skin, face and the textures of the clothes are wonderful…it’s the hands and the rays that don’t seem right to me. That’s what I say…


to loulu79, thanks for pointing out some stuff i may have overlooked. :slight_smile: i’ll work harder next time around. Have to make more time too. Thanks!


Supergirl is one of my favorite DC superheros. I luv your rendention. Ummmm does… well does she have a sister?


Very good! **** for me!


great work!
score one for the all-american heroine.
beautiful rendition of the face… how about a close up, miss? :slight_smile:
i like the cloth textures as well.

keep it up!


as they say… Its excellent…
emphasizes the good colored drawing and a good one

congratulations :thumbsup:


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