SuperCar Challenge by RealtimeUK


Hi Guys,

Here is our latest cinematic from RealtimeUK.

The movie is 100% 3D (some people ask :slight_smile: ) was made in 3dsmax and rendered in Vray. Post effects were done in After Effects and Look Suite.

All of the cars were hand animated using the same rigs we developed on Split/Second and the Motorstorm movies.

Production took place over 8 weeks, and was completed by 5 artists.

(click for larger)

The HD movie can be downloaded HERE

Or, you can watch it on Vimeo

More work from realtime:uk

Extra images/photos:

FXX Shader Tests (click for larger)

TrackDay reference

The Crew at the TrackDay. We had the whole place to ourselves whilst we walked the circuit.



nice!!! i loved it… and i recognize the oulton park circuit haha!!


Amazing work guys!


WOW, mind blowing , gr8 work , very photorealistic :buttrock: :buttrock:


You guys never ceased to amazed me, I mean, each time you post a work you did
I’m speechless. This one was 100% photo realistic, I was stunned and saw the whole
video frame by frame :buttrock:

I would love to watch a small overall making of, 5 people, 8 weeks, this beauty.
This is just amazing.

I have also a question, when you work for games (cinematic) do you actually model
cars etc? Or is it provided by the game company? (high res models for example…)

Fantastic job you did, congratulations.


Thanks Guys!

It depends on the Client/Timeframe/Cost. In this case the car models were supplied to us from the developer. In the case of something like stormbirds, they were made by us.


Dope! Great work Phil and Realtime UK!


Big fan of yall’s work!


Great work!
Could you talk a bit about the production?



What would you like to know? Are there any specifics, or just a general rundown?


That rainy mood is just amazing!


This is unreal. I hope to model cars like that one day!


What about your car rigs? How was it basically set up?


Here is a before after of the first level of grading.

Everything was rendered with quite a dull flat render, without too much contrast. This meant that we had more dynamic range to work with when grading, as we weren’t using 32bit.

This was the first stage of the grade, that was worked out at a very early stage. It was actually first tested by bringing a tiff into Adobe Camera Raw and applying the kind of editing I would normally apply to a DSLR photo. I could change white balance and exposure, and add camera defects such as vignetting and abberations.

Once we were happy with the first pass of grade, that look was copied as closely as possible in “look suite” (in after effects).

The grading was then left as its first pass until a lot later on in the stage of production. We tend to get used to seeing an image a certain way, so it was good for us to grade it once and get used to it. This way when we came back to final grading at the end, it was as if we’d started with something that was already looking like film.

^^^Does that make sense to anyone else, or only in my head :smiley:


Other info???

All rendered in Vray with Physical Cameras, True Motion Blur, and True Depth of Field. (all in camera)

All the lenses used were of focal lengths that match real world lenses that would be used for racing photography. On the TrackDay we made a point of taking photos of the kind of shots we wanted in the movie, and from those could work out how much DOF we would get and how much Foreshortening would be apparent. All the cars look better foreshortened anyway, as it’s how you’re used to viewing them on TV.

So, a lot of the lenses ended up being around the 300mm to 400mm mark. We also tried to place some of the cameras in the right position on the track.

Basically just did as much as we could think of to make it look as real as possible.

I’ll try to think of some more info :wip:



This looks really, really great. May I ask some questions? :wink:
Did you use the photos from the track as a texturing material for the environment? Any camera mapping tricks?
Did you capture hdrs or grey balls on the track?


The car rigs are our own that we have developed over the years, starting with the original Motorstorm Movie.

They basically just give us constrained movement controls on all parts of the car, i.e the control for ride height only lets you pull the car up or down to a set travel on the suspension, and the wheels are limited to turn to a set degree. We also have seperate controls for drift, and rolls.

It’s nothing complicated, it just has nice clear controls that can all be hand animated or have a noise run through them.

There’s no complicated scripting going on.

Yes, we made a point of taking photos of the treelines, fences, clouds, tyrewalls, and used them wherever possible for texture reference or backplates. Some camera mapping was also used for some of the more static cameras.

The HDRI we used was one we already had in our texture library. I just knew that it would be a good match :smiley:


Thank you very much for your answer :thumbsup:


5 guys 8 weeks?
does that include planning or is that just once everybody sat down and began modeling etc? also, how fast was the turn around for the cars? were all the artists generalists?

i could easily see myself spending a couple of weeks on each of those cars, and when you multiply how many of them there were… it just seems pretty quick once you start throwing on animating, lighting, texturing etc… plus all the background props and elements


The cars took 10 weeks to produce, but that was for 2 versions. First one was the FE high res cars that you see in the vid and also the Multi-LOD in game cars (Although the FE ones from the Vid are also in the games front end interface section, only you cant control the camera).

This makes 2 models produced from the same production cycle, makes it more efficient, and includes mapping, game shader tech, morphs, vinyls and functionality.

Its great working with real-time, as they really bring our cars to life. Normally we never give out our high res models to anyone, but since it was realtime it wasnt an issue. You guys are awesome, and who knows if you watch this space maybe you’ll see some more of their work bringing more of our assets to life, only a little bit different. :wink:


This is F**** unbelievable!!! Superior work!!! Realistic leaves as a finishing touch (to finish the poor viewer) were also awesome! My congrats to the whole team! Great work!