Super Ribbon (2011)


EDIT: v01-b updated to fix calculator bug and less-text default ribbon.

I’ve spent the last couple of months building a ribbon that covers 90% of my needs for the command panel as well as a handful of workflow enhancements to provide context sensitive panels for common situations such as Groups, Isolation mode etc.

I also created a ‘default’ panel which offers most of the common things you might want to create. My thinking was that if you had nothing selected you might want to create something such as a camera, primitive or light.

Lastly I made a simple calculator which works right inside the ribbon. I’ve found this really useful for doing quick divisions and multiplications and then copy/pasting it into spinners without taking my hands off the keyboard. It’s particularly useful when using a tablet.

It’s not perfect. For instance you have to be in Modify Mode in order to edit a primitive (just like with the command panel) but that’s a temporary limitation, I just need to write some more code to make sure it plays nice as a primitive both in the modifier stack or as just a primitive.

I didn’t offer any VRay or Brazil light settings, in fact light settings are still very basic mostly just on/off and intensity. However Vray lights might work. I know brazil lights don’t yet.

I created a couple of my most commonly used modifiers (Meshsmooth, Turbosmooth, Bend and Symmetry). If someone wants to help create more I would be very interested in collaborating to make it even better.

I committed the cardinal sin of development, I made a bunch of changes this morning and haven’t done any testing so be sure to let me know if something is broken. I think I’ve pretty thoroughly bashed it against the wall to find any maxscript errors, but it’s not impossible.

Installation instructions are simple:
Move the into your …\3ds Max 2011\Stdplugs\StdScripts\ Folder before launching Max.

Then in Max right click on the ribbon and choose “Ribbon Configuration -> Load Ribbon” and load the super ribbon file.

Some Screenshots:

To start with, here is one for all those who complain the ribbon and Max in general take up too much space:

Vertical Collapsed layout, also note the functional calculator built straight into the ribbon:

A Primitive:

Particle Flow Source:

Symmetry and Isolate Mode active:

A Light:


A Group or Group Member Selected:


this is awesome, thanks Gavin!

i’d prefer small icons for the 2nd tab. hopefully that’s possible. i’m about to install 2011.



Looks great, I’m giving it a try.

One quick suggestion: replace biped with CAT. :smiley:

And maybe one option without text for the icons even in maximized view.


Any cat object in particular? There isn’t really a CAT equivalent to biped is there?


And then you can use the new Ribbon Customization dialog to easily move around the sub panels if you want more visible or less visible before the panel break.

I also patched the to fix a small Calculator bug.


There is the CAT parent but it’s not listed as a command when I was creating my custom ribbon.

Thanks for the updates. Maybe you could add the AEC objects in one tab as well. And I would add a PF Source together with the space warps. :wink:


If its not in the normal Customize UI dialogs it won’t show up in the Ribbon options. There is no CAT Parent option by default, so someone would have to make a macroscript exposing it before it shows up in any of the Customize options.



! quote² !


I know, thats why I asked about creating custom buttons, but I guess its a piece of cake after making this great superribbon. :smiley:

BTW, could call it simply with the maxscript command “catparent ()”


Hey Gavin, sorry for bumping the thread, but since you didn’t upload the new version and after working with your great SuperRibbon, I would like to make some suggestions.
First, are you planning a modifiers tab? This could be also very usefull.
I miss some controls from unwrap uvw and uvw map like you did for other modifiers, is that possible? Also the shell modifier is missing some control as well.

Hope you like my suggestions! :smiley:


It may be good to post images of what you are missing. Also, remember if there is no maxscript access there is little that can be done without trying to hack around the issues.



Whoops didn’t realize they hadn’t uploaded. Sorry about that.

They are up now.

Yes. I am planning a modifiers tab. In the interim you can add modifiers through the modifier menu up by the Edit, Tools etc. UVW Edit, Shell and UVW Map are at the top of my list to create when I get some more free time.


double post.


Cool ribbon.
When nothing is selected there is a create panel on ribbon. But when something is selected it says ‘modify mode’. Why just implant the modifiy panel also?? Then it will become super duper ribbon


Modify mode is a pseudo max limitation. If you press the “Modify Mode” it sets Max into a modify mode which is the equivalent of having the command panel modify tab selected. Some tools only work in that mode and the method by which I currently am getting the active modifier depends on it being in that mode, just like the edit poly tools.

There is a way around it which I’ll implement eventually in which case it’ll use the top modifier regardless of being in Modify mode or not. In the interim just be sure to press the “Modify Mode” button and it should all be good.


Thanks for the update, its great.

I’m taking a look at your customization and macroscript code, maybe I will try to add some stuff to understand this whole customization workflow since I’m no maxscripter. For now I will add the modifiers, can I share it with the modifiers included?


Help? :frowning:


Yep. Customization is the name of the game.


Did you put the into your 3ds max 2011/scripts/startup folder? Or did you just run it once? It has to be run every time max is started.

If that’s not it I’ll need to test it in a vertical orientation there could be some glitch since I never launched it in that position.


Yes its there. And the 3 other files are on the default superribbon path. Start max, load your ribbon, restart max and this happens, and loads of those errors.


Yep, something is wrong with the vertical ribbon. When its horisontal it works like a charm. My guess is that AD did’t make the vertical implementation as good as the horisontal one.