Super girl Returns!, jungwon Park (3D)


Title: Super girl Returns!
Name: jungwon Park
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hello, everyone!
This one is my latest image ‘Super girl’

Super girl (Kara Zor-El) show you her secrets as if she was caught by you when she change back into her super duper clothes. So, Only you can see her.
She says,‘This is my super-suit. How about me?’

and this one is another composition as if she is in the photo studio.
<img src=“”>


Awesome work!

The only thing I really find distractive from the overall piece is the flying hairs all around her hair, also her skin color might be a little too ‘muddy’ in the 2nd picture.

Other than that, she’s great and sexy :cool:


Your work is very nice…how did you do the hair, sir?


this one is another composition as if she is in the photo studio.


Great work , I like it !!!


beatifull modeling and pose.should be better if pay attention to the hair and the specular of the stockings


WOWW! She´s so sexy and pretty,my only critic is about the skin,I think she needs more color variation,in ears,fingers and so forth,looks very uniform,you know,BUT it´s a great work,very well done,of course!
Front page,sure!

Ps:Gimmy the phone number,Is she married?lool I don´t care,I’m not jealous ^^


wow! sexy superwoman! ~ ~


YUMMY :bounce:

Nice modeling/hair/cloth everything :buttrock:


so cool ! like it!
The hair system of Maya was unnatural.
If the hair was more natural ,the job will be perfect!


thanks guys~

This image consist of passes that I use in composition (shake & photoshop).
and…hair is just created by maya hair system. First, creat splines-make selected curves dynamic - assign paint effects brush…that’s all^^


urs s-girl looks great:)


Absolutely awesome your long legged Klara! Her workwear is gorgeous, the folds greatly done! :thumbsup:

edit: oops, meant “Kara” of course… :rolleyes:


Wow just Wow! Moar! :eek:


I agree with Arkaiko. A little bit of color variation in the skin would be nice. Still, a very fine piece. :slight_smile:


Her hands don’t seem to be really holding the glasses and the shirt but who cares? Great work.


super great work lol :smiley:


What i can say… :rolleyes:
It’s absolutely awesome!!! :beer:


Beautiful work. Congratulations !


좋아, 아주 섹시한 아가씨, 난 아, 그리고 당신이 먼저 생각하지 않았어요, 섹시한 여자의 다리를 할 마음만 먹었 5*