Sunset Boulevard, Tim Warnock (2D)


wow, when I saw those reflections on helmets and car I though I will pass out. How did you do it? It’s all painted or you used some photoshop trics for it?


oh wow… thats almost photorealistic dude!! great job! The metal looks very nice! hmm… the bum on the street looks a bit strange…
5 stars


I love reflections, there are lots of depth in them


Lovely work, but the guy sitting against the wall is just too big compared to the other cops and the door of the building.
Cool image otherwise though, nice shiny surfaces and a nice mood :slight_smile:


…damn’belieavable sci-fi-scene…superb painted :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Yay, that rocks man, good job !

maybe the rasta guy just looks a bit undefined comapred to the rest… but overall a very impressive picture :slight_smile:


Wonderful work. Really gorgeous reflections and detail.
The only downside to the image is the guy sitting down. He doesn’t look as polished or quite as believable as the rest of the image. If you fixed him up a little, this piece would be near damn perfect.:slight_smile:


Great work!



good one.
nice details, and the dynamics in this one is a top notch


one of the best pieces i have seen in a while !!! got any walkthru or something ? really like the vivid colours/smooth blending with them . congrats !!


WOW…great drawing…an able DrawArtsit…


amazing work, seriously. 5*


Very nicely done … i like it…


Oh my god. That is sweet!


Nice work mate, the depth and reflections really sell this glimpse of the future. Re: the train engine vehicle, I reckon either S.W.A.T. transport or one helluva street cleaner heh heh. Fantastic work, keep it up!


Very nicely done!

The part that stand out to me the most, is the range of “polishing” you’ve done here, as if this were a scene out of someone’s memory, rather than a photo.

Things that would stand out to me as a memory in a scene like this are the smooth, reflective parts (helmets, police car body) vehicle forms, and overall mood of the scene, while things like exact clothing folds and finer mechanical details (engine equipment on the police car) would be generalized.

great work! 5 stars from me!


Fantastic atmosfere, congratulations to top row :thumbsup:


The detail and how this piece shouts out to me directly warrented it a 5-star. :wink:


dude nice rendered this. very nice.
How is your workstyle? I don’t need to know details since it’s your techniwue but do you begin black and white and then add colors and you later render it off with soft brushes? or what?


This is a very good piece…i totally love the atmosphere and the swat or special ops looking guys add to a day wich is starting with tension in the air… i love it.

The big train car… i would say its a street cleaner… you know those little cars with rotating brushes up front… this is evolution speaking and i tell you… its a street cleaner:)

Great work,