Sunset Boulevard, Tim Warnock (2D)


Title: Sunset Boulevard
Name: Tim Warnock
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

This is a painting I have been tinkering with on and off for a little while. It’s one of those pieces that you start intending just to play around for a few minutes and all of a suddenly the day is gone and you just keep going. I began with a photo I took L.A… The street was actually Hollywood Boulevard but when I first went to name the piece I thought that it had been Sunset. Anyway its a block away and has little to do with anything. I really enjoyed doing the vehicle designs on this one. My favorite one is the thing that looks kind of like a train engine. If any one can think of a practice use for something like that I would love to hear it.


ohh great scifi city nice cold future great details I love it 4*


Cool! I really love your works !


what a great work! simply amazing!


hi buddy!

first of all, let me punch my face to know if I´m dreaming!
maaaaan, what a incredible painting, lovely details! great creativity to the elements especially the machines. I like the “train” too, but the front dark green vehicle is impressive too.
the whole work seems great!


Awesome! Great detail light and design! I am really impressed! :thumbsup:





Wow! I’ll put it in my favorite images.
I like the realistic effect, all the elements are great


cath five stars. Avesome work



Man this is awesome
One thing only the man sitting to the wall is alittel big
Great work :slight_smile:


Your work as is just simply incredible. Don’t know what else to say…



i’m speechless. :eek:
My rare five stars.


Totally Stunning!!


That is a great piece.


Awsome image, nothing to crit, and I just gave you THE 5th star;)


simply amazing! :eek:


Not only is the art unreal but the design of the cars are amazing. I give this a 5star like everyone else.


i like it :slight_smile:


Ahhh. GREAT IMAGE! 6 :thumbsup:stars


it’s soo cool man…:open_mouth: really… never seen eanything like this befor… omg…
120% respect to you man!