Sunrise of the 80's, Marek Denko (3D)


Nice idea Marek, congrats impresive work ! You are my CG hero :thumbsup:


wonderful job mate.
one of the best environments I’ve seen lately.
Love the lighting, I thought it’s maxwell first :slight_smile:
and the snow is brilliant.



Wonderfully done. This brings back the memories of a trip to Slovakia in the early nineties I did. It is really like it was back then, very breathtaking real man.


Great work :slight_smile: How many different layers did you render out? It reminds me of Bulgaria :slight_smile:


greate lighting and compositing. amazing work.


Excellent work!! very realistic!! :thumbsup:


Again an absolute realistic and great
result! Absolutely stunning and amazing
work. I love it… Keep it up! Superb 5*


Thats a master piece like the previous strrt of memories indeed!!:scream: I hope to do such quality someday.


hey nice looking scene you got there, great idea, execution, etc etc…5 stars :slight_smile:


great work! :eek:
if you rendered light and color in independent layers?


Marek, good to see you’re keeping that bar set high. Excellent work.


Excellent job once again Marek, You and Juan Siquier are one of the best 3d artist now, this scene worts 5 stars on right, so great and amazing finish :slight_smile:


As usual, beautyful job Marek. Lovely shot. Great ligting. I like camera angle very much. Simply amazeing, nothing more to say.



Very nice render, mate! :thumbsup:

I’ve been expecting something new from you actually :smiley:

Anyways, no crits from me, just :buttrock:


Simply Great! 5*!

best regards: Kornel


Amazing work 5 stars, but I feel you still can do better, Nice work on this image.

its really very good indeed.


SUPER! Very realystic! Great Lighting! :thumbsup:


Hello Marek

Nice idea :slight_smile: (vacsina znas zazila betonove kralikarne a vyvolava to nostalgiu :slight_smile: )

Excelent render and light color :slight_smile:

Fantastic work.


very nice!
btw nice Volga :slight_smile:


Really fantastic. Lighting and materials are great.