Sunrise of the 80's, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: Sunrise of the 80’s
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, VRay

Hello everybody,

After the end of the year 2006, I had more free time to spend than usuall so I started to work on my new personal project.
I call it “Sunrise of the 80’s”. It took me about 3 weeks of work, mainly during the nights and creative moments of the short winter days.
In the begining it was planned as night street scene but during one week of playing with lighting
and testing I reached sunrise once again like in my previous work “Street of memories”.
I hope that people who know these kind of housing estates sceneries will agree with me that they have a particular charm.

I used 3dsmax,Photoshop, Vray and Fusion. All models are done by me except small low polygonal cars in the front of the first house.
I used a lot of textures and references from
The price for membership is really ridiculous if you compare it with all those stuffs which you can find there.
This is image is dedicated to my wife and all ex-colleagues from 263 films in Milan.

Soon I’ll post some wires or if you want to see them right now check my homepage.


Excellent job once again Marek, fantastic work.



Great work. I really love how you did the snow.


full res 3.5k crop_02 - there is my friend Gabriel picture inside the car … I suppose that girls will call him more frequently now :o)

full res 3.5k crop_02



I hope you not gonna kill me for resolution thirdeye, thank you for frontpage!


oh man that’s fantastic, i see you’ve achieved the mood you were going for, love the buildings.


That’s a really strong piece imo.

The color is nice.
Wonderful lighting.
Camera angle is good.

Well done!


this is amazing, as usual. thanks for posting the wire and lighting, they’re helpful.


Hey denko! congrats on the plug. I think this piece is pretty damned awesome!
i think this is really a geeks perspective but I LOVE the gravel around the man hole. its just so awesome. I also visited ur webpage and i liked that too, simple and easy, not to flashy too.

Thanks so much for sharing and the tutorials on ur webpage. Personally i felt heritage’s composition and lighting was alot more interesting for the eye but i dont know much about Milan(im assuming :slight_smile: ) but yes there is something that is true about the image that feeels just right. and your lighting is very awesome.
cheers dude!


Nice work man!
The wireframe looks clean and the rendering turns out great.


DAMN ME IT LOOKS FAMILIAR! :scream: like going back in time shivers

Great lighting :slight_smile:


You really are the master of wet street scenes:)
Great work.


amazing. This makes me want to take another crack at making fractured asphalt, thanks for the wires/lighting- the high resolution really helps.


Wow, amazing work!
At first glance I was trying to see which part was 3d until I realized the entire image is 3d!
Excellent texturing and lighting. Especially like how you’ve managed to make the asphalt look icy. Great craftmanship :slight_smile:


impressive…congrats Marek!..the lighting & materials are spot on.
how did you make that snow material?


Great lighting and composting



Once again, you’ve out done yourself. The condensation on that booth is amazing. Great job!


well that is one awsome render!

I have seen those in life, and i can’t say they are particularily charming, but you sure as hell managed to pull it off :slight_smile:

Good work


Damnz, you have realism in your brain Denko, you never seem to fail.

Lightning is exellent.


:scream: W.o_o.w :scream:
Really nice work.
I like lighting and composting.

Hamed katebi


Hi! Great work again! :thumbsup:
Great panel houses! They are so real. I have similar near my house. You gave us real felling of 80’s age!
Also I like detailes on the road and car modeling too (it is “Volga”?). You made very big work here! Congratulations!

I hope it would be into CG choise gallery!
-5 stars *****