Sunlight Bright And Beautiful Afternoon, Xiaoge Liu (3D)


Title: Sunlight Bright And Beautiful Afternoon
Name: Xiaoge Liu
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

I have deep love for the structure very much £¬Have deep love for manufacturing the structure image £¬Outside work £¬I constantly manufacture some bygone structure 3D’s images £¬Wish to get the different proposals


harrr, your name is programm. wonderfull mood and impressiv and fascinating composition

i love it


Excelent picture! show wireframe! :slight_smile:

good luck


I like this version better.


This is just super photoreal work… I’m giving you five…


Please could we see a break down of the image? what are photographic plates and what is 3d, even a wireframe would be cool! Love the image! WELL DONE!:thumbsup:


This is a really amazing piece! Could you please show us wireframes?




realy nice in details
the wall bump looks a much strong, try some lower value
and what is the renderer and how u make the trees?(2D or 3D)


This is my 3D’s pattern wire frame ,Wish to obtain even more rating


This is my 3D’s pattern wire frame ,Wish to obtain even more rating


This is photo ,Wish to obtain even more rating


Impressive works!!
Everything looks great, and lots of awesome details!


another great piece of artwork, well done. :slight_smile:


Beautifull work, I love the composition with the 3d image and the forest in background photo.


yea, better than first take :thumbsup:


NICE Detail!


Simply extraordnary. 5 stars. And if you post it again, 5 stars again.

How long does it take to render ?


Great work deep represent our culture~GOOD




hen hao a
hen li hai a
wo ye yao hao hao xue xi, tian tian xiang shang a