Sumo, Daniel Moreno Diaz (3D)


Really impressive work. Some lovely attention to subtle detail.

I also like the way you have captured his sense of waight.



Hi Guanny, what can I say? Very impressive work as usual, you did it again, I think this is one of your best works.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Five stars

Un abrazo muy gordo tío y feliz navidad! :slight_smile:

Iggy Pop
Dwarf before the battle


the overall shape is great…
nice model done…:thumbsup:


that is just beautiful work, so inspiring, thank you!


Wow, at first you had me fooled! Only crit is the back folds look a little to uniform.

Great job all around on this one. Congrats!


Wow the model and textures rock ! :scream:


incredible work…you can really feel the weight of this guy…well done!:thumbsup:


Great modeling and texturing. The expression and attitude really come through on his face and in his posture. Could you possibly post the wireframe?


wow, this is astonishing piece ya!
cool stuff bro!:thumbsup:


Good work!!!


increible. Un pedazo de trabajo increible. Muy bueno, de verdad. Muy bueno. Eres una máquina.


absolutely amazing!

i really like this piece of artwork: like modeling, pose and lightning…
but man, if there’s one perfect thing, that skin shader…my god!

i’ve seen your other works, and it’s really one of the best ever seen here, simply perfect!


Amazing work, highly professional work , keep it up:thumbsup:


Amazing Guanny!! Great work !! The model and textures are impressive.

Te has vuelto a salir Guanny!! Estas hecho un Crack tio!! Enhorabuena


Very Good Work.

The modelling, the Shader, the Appeal, all perfect.

Nothing more to say, only one thing… ¡¡Five Stars for you!!

Enhorabuena, eres un genio Guanny :thumbsup:


[left]WOW! el mejor personaje que te he visto! perfecto. sigue asi tio! pon el video ya!!! XDDD


No words! :applause: Qué flipe! :bounce: Five stars!


Hi guy!

You are the best… great work, Guanny!

Only two comments, the hair have a videogame style, but I know that is very complicate make a realistic hair; and the second thing it´s the little foot finger… near to this have a strange wrinkle, no?

Vamos que eres un cabrón! :buttrock:


Impressive work and very nice(son la polla) model/textures. Congratulations.


WOW, Guanny, good work. FIVE STARS
I like the skin and the tattoo. The only thing is the hair shader as other people have said.

Are you going to animate? Looks like build to do it. That explain those things hanging down from his belt. no?

Impressive, man. As always.