Sumo, Daniel Moreno Diaz (3D)


Title: Sumo
Name: Daniel Moreno Diaz
Country: Spain
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

hi guys,

This is my latest work, he is a sumo wrestler with yakuza tatoo.
I have used some displace maps done with zbrush and rendered in 3dsmax using v-ray.
I did the composition layers on after effects.

C&C are welcome.

I hope you like it.


Great job on that wrestler. Are those things hanging down from his belt supposed to be stiff or are they loose string? It looks like it would be hard to squat down and wrestle with those things in front if they are stiff.


beautiful work :slight_smile:


Wooooow my God:scream:… so happy to be the first few ones to post here:)…


GREAT job! :thumbsup: ****


A beautiful piece of work! Congrats!


Wowawiwa, he looks so real. The skin material is amazing. Respect :bounce: .


Daniel, that is nice; modelling, texture, lighting… all of it. The expression on his face is priceless.


Great work, this is one of the best models I’ve seen in a while. The skin shader is perfect, nice expression and there is a real nice sense of weight to the character. How did you go about doing the tattoo? was it an image, if so where did you get the reference? Again,suberb job.



Yes.They are stiff.

Excellent job. Really good skin shader. Front page stuff.


Perfect! Congrats… :thumbsup:

cheers: Kornél


Wowww! Great work! Congrats!
Dime la verdad has contratado a un sumotory . verdad? Lo dicho felicidades!


Great job. I love those shaders and the Lighting. Modelling is awesome, too.


That´s awesome buddy. 5 stars from me!

Joe, se sale tio, eres un fenomeno.

Un saludo




Fantastic…impressive…PERFECT!! This model is really amazing. No critics, only my admiration for you.

Of course, 5 stars from me:thumbsup:

And congrats…you are water my friend!!:applause:

Pos eso…que te sales por todos lados!! El esfuerzo mereció la pena, no? Te superas cada dia…das miedo tronko…jeejej

Felicidades compañero!!



Hey guanny!!

Awesome job man, as always…

I like all, except the hair maybe (looks like a videogame)…but my question is, how you enjoy doing fat asses like this?..hahaha :thumbsup:

Cheers matte!!

PD: Da el salto ya cabron!! que vales mucho pa estar donde estas!! perra…


The skin and the tatoo are perfect … I lovet his face too ^^

Great job !!!


Very Nice …i really like the feel of the skin …looks very natural and has a nice sense of weight …cool character


Congratulations !, :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: three thumbs up.

this is a fantastic model, My only critique would be those strings that feel a bit too stiff.
Appart from that, great job.
I also like a lot the tatoo, it looks very cool on the character with the facial expression he has.

Felicidades por un trabajo tan bien conseguido.

Un saludo.



They’re supposed to be stiff, it’s part of the garb. You should check out Sumo wrestling on the foreign channels sometime.