Summer rain in the city, Marcin Jastrzebski (3D)


Title: Summer rain in the city
Name: Marcin Jastrzebski
Country: Poland
Submitted: 27th November 2014

I would like to introduce my Evermotion Challenge 2014 - Summer in the city image.My main goal was to create a specific summer rain scene. Sometimes in the summer a warm short rain falls with big raindrops and at the end during that the sun breaks through the clouds. I was trying to achieve that kind of moment and mood. Additionaly I’ve decided to make a something different like motion blur rain effect and try to stop in motion a raindrops on the way from sky to the ground. Something similiar to fast shutter speed photography. To emphasize that style I’ve decided to add to my scene jumping dog which is “frozen” on air. I made effects in 3d and try to keep my way to do as more as possible inside virtual 3d scene.
About the picture. Maybe it’s a one of the last days of summer vacations ?
I won 2nd prize in the Challenge. Thank you for viewing!

Best regards

Additional images:


awesome piece ! :applause:

It might be just me, but didn’t you write anything about which software you used etc ?


Thank you! For this work I used Modo 701, Cinema 4D R15, Maxwell 3, Photoshop, Photo Looks and Lightroom for final touch.


looks like a lot of work …


REally good job. Congratulations!


colias thank you!
colorsponge thanks! It’s good to see you here :slight_smile:


Outstanding piece of work, congratulations :slight_smile:


very cool bright and fun picture!


This is one of the heartwarming pictures that somehow make me remember all that cool parts of my childhood in excitement. This piece is awesome, good job.


Great work! Love the details, especially all the kinds of rain drops you have created.


Thanks guys! Only4Kids I’m glad to read this. This kind of comments is very important to me. It’s proof that we can share emotions and specific mood through 3D graphics. Thanks!


Jak ciepły, letni deszcz :slight_smile:


Dokładnie o to chodziło/exactly as I planned :slight_smile: I’m glad to be here in CG Choice Gallery with my work! Thanks!


Marcin, this is a very spectacular work! I presume you have rendered this scene in C4D using Maxwell renderer ? It would be very interesting to see how the original render looks like. At this moment I am looking for some reliable system for ultra realistic rendering of outdoor scenes.
Could you tell me what was the rendering time and original image size ? And your system CPU.


Excellent piece. Great work!


this is lovely work. well done
definitely captures the mood. :bowdown:


Thank you for comments !
MTaylor - Yes I rendered it in Maxwell and I used C4D. In this case it isn’t a good example render scene to show rendertimes. It’s extremly difficult render scene. Please notice that I used a thousands small objects with pure water material ( rain balls objects ) in the scene. A lot of them are moving particles/objects bouncing on pavement with pure motion blur Maxwell effect. The entire scene rendered with Maxwell DOF effect. There are two main reasons incresing a render time. I rendered final image on five PCs i7 during the weekend. When I switch off raindrops objects the scene render much faster. Oryginal image:2000x1530 pix.


Amazing work , i really like the composition, the colors and the details in modeling and texturing :smiley: cheers


Awesome, Great Work !
Which software was used for this scene?


Thanks! Software: Modo 701, Cinema R15 Prime, Maxwell 3.0