Summer , Liza Gokoeva (2D)


Title: Summer
Name: Liza Gokoeva
Country: Ukraine
Software: Photoshop

Hello! :smiley:
This work was made for art competition “Young Summer”. My personage is hot & bright little young spirit of Summer. I wanted to show some light flying creature, charismatic & unusual.
Now this is one of my favorite works. I want to create all seasons in this stile in near future.
If I`ll have free time for it =))


Very Beautiful work of art.
It is so ethereal and whimsical while at the same time feeling real to me. I love the colours, especially the lamp like object, which seems to give off the glow of life itself.
I can’t wait for your other seasons.
I personally don’t much like winter (nor summer really), so I am curious as to how you will make me love winter as you have made me love summer with your vision and rendering of it.
I am sure you will succeed in making me change my mind about winter. Your talent is self evident.


Thanx! :bowdown:
Well… The Autumn in process already. But I havet much time for it now. :sad: Ill try to make The Winter as charming as I can ))


The color is very pretty, but style can be more perfect !


Thanx! =)
I know -_- And I try to be better ) :arteest:


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