Summer comes.., Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


hm nice style.and action…i feel winD…:thumbsup:


Excellent work…:thumbsup: No crits from me…:thumbsup: I love it :scream:


Keep good working


Ohh wouu!!, without words; I am in love, nice painting!!!, She yields a great feeling of tenderness and purity, I like that, does she maybe exist?, because if she is real I am going to look for her, hehehe… :slight_smile:
Great Painting!! very beautiful!

Thank you for the pleasure, Natascha!!!


Nice work

Looks like Evangeline Lilly from Lost


Beautiful! Truly a joy to behold! :thumbsup:


Nice dress and soft brushes nice work :thumbsup:

…but I like painter


I love it!!!

Colors are great. You real file the weightlessness of the situation.

Nice work.


Congratulations ! :thumbsup:

I loved very much the ´weight´feeling you gave.
Mood, colors, everything is pretty, lovely artwork really!


very very good job in the lighting. i like it very much 5 stars from me :smiley: :applause:


maaan! I feel she is going to kiss me! Wonderful painting, really.


excelent it s so sweet!
I love it!


Nice work!So cute face/dress/fair…my lover of dream.:love:
Five * for me. :applause:


great job kyena ! lovely sense of atmosphere


awesome. beautiful details. wow.


Beautiful, I especially love the bottom of the painting - the material, it’s transparency. :slight_smile:
Did you notice that her left eye is a bit croocked? It bothers me a bit, but besides that it’s lovely, the athmosphere is so summer-like :)))


Thank you! haven’t seen anything new from you in a while. Post more - I really love your style - very inspiring :slight_smile:

That’s a wonderful compliment. It’s hard to evoke feelings with a painting or images for that matter. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Marcel hi! Hope we can get together again next time I am in Switzerland, it was sure a blast meeting up in Luzern :smiley:
I am really flattered thank you. I am always worried that my paintings drift towards the “pretty girl only” paintings. I am raelly trying to give each of the characters their own personality. It was kind of interesting to see the peytra girls face and the summer girls face next to eachother on my website as thumbnails.
I was kind of happy to see that both kind of show the personality I wanted them to have.

thank you! Me too, I already hunted Athens for a similar skirt or dress but couldn’t really find one yet :smiley:

Taurik Hassenik
haha - not quite sure what could have given you that impression but that’s a funny sidenote!

thanks alot Liiga. I didn’t make it either btw (the topic we discussed the other day ;)) oh and see you in digibrush!

thank you - that was pretty much one of my personal challenges in this

thank you :]

I’ll be trying - thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Why, thank YOU for commenting :slight_smile: It’s very nice to read what kind of thoughts people have when looking at summer. And sorry but I have to disappoint you. She is fully fictional and made up.

hah you are the third person to mention that. I really like the actress but other then a cute little nose and curley long hair I can’t really see much of a likeness :slight_smile:

thank you kindly :]

Ah you work with Corel Painter? I tried it and used PS and Painter both at some point. But it acted up strange and screwed up my computer - I don’t have it on my HD anymore.
It wouldn’t really make a big difference for me I think. 99% of the time I am using the hard edged brush anyway and I hate using filters - they make me feel like I am not in full control of what I am doing.

Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

what exactly do you mean by “weight” feeling?

Thanks a lot to you too :smiley:

haha - well she is definately coming towards you slowly…not sure what she is going to do :wink:

Billy T. Rider
it’s unusally sweet for me yes, but kinda fitting, I think? Thank you for the compliment

your nickname makes me think of MMORPGS (god I am a geek…)
Very much appreciated, thanks!

thank you - I am always fighting a bit with creating the overall atmosphere - but I think I am slowly improving :]

thanks Alexandru!

Hey Katerzyna, duh damn, really? I think I switched this about 200 times during painting. I guess you can get used to off parts like if you just look at it long enough >_<
I am going to check it, though. Thanks for the feedback!

Phew, I hope I didn’t forget anyone (well anybody else then JM (sorry!)


Very nice picture as you already know from the number of replies you had !

I’ll be one of the few to dare a little critic : I find that there is too much sky. I don’t think it would hurt the image if the sky was cropped quite a bit, on the contrary it would put the accent even more on the girl which is so beautifully executed. And even if you cropped it quite a bit, there would still be room for some balloons flying away in the background.


You are actually not the only one mentioning that :slight_smile:
If you look at the painting just like this I do agree - however I had my reasons for adding a higher format.

One of them is the fact that I am going to make a quadrych (or whatever that term is) out of all the season paintings. They will be linked and look like one painting but seperated into 4 prints with the sky changing with the corresponding season.

I was actually considering cropping it for uploads to communities but decided to leave it at the actual composition because there were also other reasons I made it that high.
Probably also a matter of taste :slight_smile:


Oh, I see ! Sorry, I was too lazy to go over all the replies here !


ah - no worries please :slight_smile:
like I said - I was a bit unsure to upload the actual size too and pretty sure a few or even many people would mention the format.