Summer comes.., Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


wow beautiful peace of work. The dress il really wonderful. I can feel the sun and the flowers on my face :slight_smile: Also nice composition.


Beeeeautiful painting! Bravo!


Indeed it looks summer-y. Love the detail you’ve put into this. Vivid colors really bring out the summer feeling. I especially dig the summer dress. Well done!


Extremely strong atmosphere, so tranquil and serene. Such a feeling evoked, I just can’t put my finger on it - but it’s great! :applause:

She reminds me a bit of Evangeline Lilly (Kate from LOST).

Excellent work. :thumbsup:


Excellent work! :thumbsup:
I love this atmosphere.


Stunning! Very good work, I really like it. One comment could be that the image is too high for my resolution and that the extra height doesn’t add anything to it… but that’s madatory, it’s a lovely image.


…my dear, I love mostly the beautyful face expression :applause:



I can tell you, this piece is one of my favorites in CG talk, nice composition, excellent detail with the motion petal. I can feel the beauty day atmosphere and the soft wind.
The girl looks nice and she has a intelligent and relaxed face expression…stop the apology :slight_smile:


Wow, this one’s very beautiful and cheery. Very unlike what I susally see of yours. Love how delicate everything is lit! :slight_smile:

Especially the cloth and depth of field effect are a great touch.

^^ I’m intot the flower thing myself these days heheheh… Jus gotta love it! :applause:


Excellent work! it is really a great painting. I like greek stuff…


Gorgeous atmosphere.


Oh my godness - so many comments, I am totally flattered this has been received so well until now.

I definately wouldn’t call it perfect. I am still trying to find a good balance between leaving some parts painterly and rough and really focuse on special parts/details. Thank you very much though :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

Thank you kindly :]

Thank you :slight_smile: I really enjoy painting semi transparent clothing lately…it’s actually pretty easy if you get the hang out of it (and happy accidents help too ;))

Aly, thank you so much (also for the guestbook entry). This is the second piece (next to my unfinished dragongirlthingie) that I painted semi transparent clothing. It’s actually quite easy once you have a good base going. I was already asked to make a quick tutorial about this. Truth is I am pretty much letting it develop (much like the fabric tutorial I made for the 2D Artist Magazine). There are also some happy accidents woven in there. Mainly leftovers from the actual speed color test and sketching that was underneath.

I think I already mentioned how much I love that devil girl of yours. Why is it not on the forums Mister?

Gonna take a short break - I’ll be back later (and thanks so much for the frontpage plug! just realized that <3)


wonderful work natascha! absolutely beautiful! :love:


okay that is definitely one of the best i have seen lately, i guess its that time of year. anyways awesome picture, definitely deserves some in depth observation. worth atleast 5 stars. the picture realy speaks for itself.


makes me feel like a holiday love :smiley:

great great pictures love the composition the tones and the details


sigh Tascha you failed! Its still raining and cold outside :sad:
na j/k lovely work! makes me even more waiting for the summer :thumbsup: I especially love the hair (like every hair you do in your specific way) and her clothes, I have something similar at home and hope to wear it soon again =)

Deserved to be on the frontpage :slight_smile:


Wow! Your mastery of colour and tone is stunning. Not many paintings take me away somewhere else when I look at them but this one definately does.

I nearly didn’t click on the frontpage thumbnail because I thought it was just another portrait study, glad I did though! :thumbsup:


I forgot: Aly I uploaded a slightly bigger version just for you :smiley: The link is somewhere a bit earlier I think :slight_smile:

Thanks - that’s an even bigger compliment if the painting actually made you comment this time :] And your avatar always reminds me of a one of the German Big Brother inhabitents who was in one of the first showings of that show in Germany. Can’t remember his name though.

It’s always nice to hear that something can actually evoke some feelings. Spring and Autumn are already done (Winter too but I am really going over all of them again…) They are in my cgportfolio :slight_smile:

(hehe what a funny nick) Thanks a lot! I was a bit insecure about the composition…but I really wanted to work with a narrow high format here. To give her even more air to breath and have the watchers view raise up in the sky and into the clouds.

Bobby, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I think some of my problems is that I tend to overdetail things - and it just doesn’t end up well. Like I mentioned before I tried to find a good balance in this. It’s not optimal yet though but I am a bit more happy with how this turned out detail wise. Thanks for the compliment!

So funny! We were just watching the latest episode of Lost yesterday (damn I love that show, they definately know how to keep us on our toes…) and I really love that actress’ face. I think she is really beautiful. However I don’t think she looks like her?

Thank you - hehe your avatar sure glows more then her face :wink:

Jeroen Stout
yeah - I was pretty sure someone would mention the height. It’s a give or take I guess. The idea was to make all the four seasons this height and change the colors on the sky slowly over the four paintings (like they would be one big painting cut into four pieces). I was actually considering cropping it for the upload here but it is actually part of my intention and the idea behind the painting to have the view go up into the sky (following the balloon and into the clouds). I also think it makes it more airy and gives her even more space to breath.

Thank you so much. I really worked hours on her face to try to get the look I wanted. I am happy it doesn’t just look blant :]

oih - I am not quite sure what to answer to such a big compliment really. Muchas Gracias :slight_smile:

Glad you like - and what kind of greek stuff? :smiley:

thanks a lot - I don’t think atmosphere is a strong point of me but I am really happy you think it works here.

Benita, vielen Dank! When are you going to continue on your challenge btw? I am waiting for updates from you :slight_smile:

to say the painting works for itself is definately agreat compliment - thank you <3

hehe - that’s a totally cute comment - holiday loves are the best :smiley:

Alexandra, aww damn - I tried :frowning: I hoped it would bring at least some warmth to all the not so sunny countries (Switzerland still has tons of snow too :/)) And that must be a lovely dress. I had a smiliar one like this when I was younger…I plan to buy something similar once it gets warmer here too.

Thanks again so much to everyone for the feedback <3
I almost forgot to thank Orcoyoyo over at DA for some valuable input :slight_smile:


Hey I love that airy feeling there and the motion blur is great. Nice work!


great work! hmm… yes; 5 stars;)