Summer comes.., Natascha Roeoesli (2D)


Title: Summer comes…
Name: Natascha Roeoesli
Country: Greece
Software: Photoshop

…hopefully soon.

This started out as a sketch and color try out for the last addition to my season series.
I didn’t really feel like starting on it but I felt like painting something that helps me get over my longing for summer, sun and warmth.

The more I doodled around and tried out color and lightning I knew it will be the finish to my series. The format is different and I will adjust and repaint the older three to match this in size and quality/style.

This is the first painting I tried to be a bit more brave with light and shadows.

Other then that - I was looking for a warm, sunny and soft airy feeling. I wanted her to have pretty red cheeks…even a slight hint of a bit too much sun…

Other elements are in this that I myself again link to summer…but I let you do your own interpretation :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking :slight_smile:

And since so much detail gets lost in the smaller size:
100% Cutouts

25% Cutouts

A lot of details get lost and look quite wonky on the smaller size.


I feel a warm atmospohere from your summer pic on my monitor :wink: Nice dress and soft brushes nice work :thumbsup:


just wondefull! a lovely piece.
great colours and very nice deep of field.


wow~nice painting ,well done in skintones,textures and color,nice works ,also the girl not very beautiful,but ur painting is nice!I like it ,keep the good works up!:thumbsup:


very well done Natascha… :thumbsup:…fantastic palette…:).


Absolute amazing! Congrats Kyena :thumbsup: 5 stars from me…

Best regards: Kornél


u knew i love this~i’m just gonna say it again~the defocusing of the forground petals are definitely a very nice touch and the translucency of her dress is awesome,love the blueish hue that reflected on her dress as well,u have this GI/finalgather kinda lighting in ur painting.


Hey again tascha. Great work, love it. Really like that saturated red with the white. Blur works well. Love the lighting too (particularly on the dress) :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! I love it, great idea, character, atmosphere and colors. 5stars for me :thumbsup:


thehe… I commented this before it even appeared to here :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the mood and warm feeling of it. The girl’s expression is very interesting, it doesn’t reveal almost anything, but the same time she looks very sensitive and mysterious. That’s the way I see her…
Love the details and that distant balloon against blue sky. Lovely!


I feel such Harmony and peace… is so relaxing… your art really showed/transmited your message and here’s the old say “A picture worth more than a thousand words”.

Excelent work :wink:


Very beautiful girl,your painting color cleanlily!:thumbsup:


tomas slobodnik
Muchas gracias - I am really happy if I achieved that. Funny thing though - I have solely used the hard edged brush for this except for some single hair strands where I have used the airbrush for the first time in ages :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was pretty much experimenting with painting the depth of field instead of just using the blur tool. It works very nice while using the hard edged brush at very low flow.
Also still trying to find a good way betwen detailing and NOT overdetailing.

Haha - I guess her face is a matter of taste. You would have prefered an asian looking girl? :wink: To be honest I am quite happy how her face turned out. It is pretty much how I wanted it to be: Looking somewhat young and old the same time…with a strong face and somewhat glowing. After all the saying that “She is in the summer of her life” pretty much means she might still look young but is already strong and grown up - knowing where she is going in life. Ok, I just love to put a lot of metaphors into my paintings…

Hello waheed :slight_smile: Thank you! It’s an unusually sweet palette for me isn’t it? :wink:

Many thanks to you :]

Michael, thanks a lot for the compliment :slight_smile: What do you mean by GI/finalgather lighting?

thank you :slight_smile:


Kirsi, hi again! Yup, thanks for the guestbook entry and the compliment :]
Her expression, I tried to go for a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight hint of a smile and a look like: “Hey, this is an invitation. Even if you don’t want to join me - summer is coming anyway” Hehe I know - kind of wierd huh? I can’t always explain the decisions I make :smiley:

Such a wonderful compliment - many thanks. I know most people probably think - yeah just another girl painting but I really do try to make every aspect fit the idea I had in my mind. Every little decision I make has a meaning - at least to me

Thank you :slight_smile: Love your avatar by the way!

And specially for Aly:
the full painting in 25%


really perfect :thumbsup:
great work, nice details…


Great work, looks like dream!


Omg:) Fantastic work:thumbsup:


Beautiful work. I love the way the skins shines through the fabric.


As I said before Tascha, absolutely gorgeous! I’m also very envious of your ability in painting semi-transparent cloth. I’m attempting that at the moment with varying degrees of success! :slight_smile: 5 stars from me!


I don’t comment much - but this is really nicely done!
The technical side is great and you managed to create a real strong atmosphere as well.

Excellent :smiley:


I’ve in love with this piece. :slight_smile: It’s very cheerful and whimsical at the same time.

Looking forward to the next piece. :slight_smile: Spring? Autumn?