Summer Classes at the Corcoran


I didnt want to missplace my stuff in the wrong thread so I figured Id make a new one.

I took a month long summer class at the Corcoran School of Art in DC if anyone knows about it…
It was supposed to be a college portfolio prep class with drawing and two electives I chose sculpture and painting. I finished highschool last year so that point of it was kinda wasted but I learned a lot personaly.
I think in four weeks I learned more than I learned in 4 years of highschool. Anywho here are a few pics.

Pardon the self portrait on the right thats the unfinished version…

I have some more works that I can post up if anyone is interested.


Magic Rubber,

Great to see you back and it’s great to see your work! :thumbsup: We would definitely be interested in your posting more work! :slight_smile:



You seem to be the only one inthused by it but thanks Rebecca.

Il post something on friday if Im sound of mind and not staring at the bottom of the glass. School is turning out to take up more of my time than I anticipated.

I have 2 more finished figure pieces another sculpture which I think turned out better than this one and a couple of other pieces I cant really remember right now.

By the way If you want to lay down any crits on my pieces youre very welcome.



Hey there, don’t be offended if folks don’t post right away…there are infinitely more threads here now than when you were probably last on the forum, so admittedly things can get a bit lost in the confusion. :slight_smile:

  I [b]REALLY [/b]like your sculpture, tho it has some problems ~ but, considering that you've probably never done sculpture to this scale before, I am really impressed! This looks like something I would love to do, too, so kudos for delving in and trying it! :thumbsup: 

Is that Richer’s book lying there beneath the sculpture? I definitely have that book, tho can’t recall which one it is. :slight_smile: Did you find it particularly helpful?

Why not first tell us a bit about your classes ~ you said that you learned more there in a few weeks than in all of your years in high school. Why do you think that was? What did you find particularly effective (and stimulating) about your new classes? I think it would be helpful to a lot of people here to know. :slight_smile:

Also, are you planning to apply for school soon?

  And I think you did some excellent work, so I am thrilled that you have posted it here! :)
  Cheers, :)


Well… impressive works Andrew… very interesting, you have a very great potential, and talent in your hands. :slight_smile:

The achievements are very varied but have nevertheless a common way which is the environment, the mood…

…and the feelings which seem to be emanated from them.

For me, the second picture, with the bowl and the ball doesn’t have much interest, that just makes me think of a school work, but on the other hand, your particular mood is already there.

The third image, it’s there that the things start to become interesting. We are far from the academic representations, but this nervous style and only suggested leads us to imagine the bodies, the message comes well. :buttrock:

The fourth image shows us your capacity to make things less figurative, the way in which the portrait of left is carried by touches of white is a very good idea which increases the power of the illustration.

Let me pass now to the fifth illustration, which is, I acknowledge it, that which I prefer. Once again, it is far from the traditional academic illustrations, I like much that. We imagines a body of woman, who could be any woman, with his body, inevitably not made to make the covers of the magazines, by which represents certainly best the all women, with their physical qualities and their defects, but it’s not most important. Her face, without details, is well there for us to point out it, it’s not a single woman, nor a specific woman, she represents the woman, with her face slightly turned on the side, it seems to look at its future. Really, it is a very strong work which I like much. Congratulations… :bowdown:

And now, let us pass to the last photograph, the sculpture. My perception here will be very shared, but if I would be quite unable to arrive at such level of realization, I must acknowledge it. But of a base this time, very academic, I see that you interpreted the musculature of the body, more with the way of a bodybuilder athlete, especially with regard to the chest, the belly and the thighs. On the other hand, the pose is really very good, very natural, with a small indiscible supplement which induces a kind of questioning, even of reflexion. It’s certainly a very important point in this realization, a point which increases the attraction. Then, even if I have some reserves, I appreciate much this realization, and you can be really proud for it. :thumbsup:

To conclude this small intervention, I think that you have a beautiful creative future, artistic future. You seem still young, but your creations enjoy a certain maturity already, which is already the proof of a talent. I wish you a good continuation, and if you decide to show us your other creations, it will be with pleasure that I’ll admire them. :applause:


Laurent aka Lemog, :slight_smile:
Awesome comments!!! :thumbsup: You have a huge talent for critiquing ~ you ought to be a teacher! :thumbsup:

Cheers Lemoggie! :slight_smile:



Well then I guess I have no choice now.

Honestly this thread has left my mind with school going on.
And honestly the damn thing is geting to me. I practicaly live on campus then get back home at 10 at night.

Anywho tomorrow during break Il post more pics up even if I have to write it on my forehead.


Sorry forgot to answer Rebecca’s question.

My senior year a counselor and a professor from Corcoran came to our school advertising a summer program designed as help to develop a well rounded portfolio.
Most kids didnt think of it much honestly nether did I but now I say it was well worth it.

The program was about $2500 for a month. I got 2 electives to choose along with 4 weeks of drawing. I took sculpture and painting. Each took 2 weeks. I used every single word from the professors and absorbed it in hopes that it would make me better.

What separated this program from Highschool was that here I heard things in ways I havent before. Instructors actualy gave helpfull criticisms that would make you perform to your full potential. In my past years of school art class has been the same damn thing every year since sixth grade.

Sculpture was definitely the most enjoyable part of the course for me. I managed to come out with two models in 2 weeks. I think the female turned out better. Im rather happy with myself considering that these two were my first models.

Im spending this year in a comunity college around where I live refining my traditional media before I try to dive back into 3D.

This summer I will ether take a 3D max training course, a random 3D modeling course, or go back to Corcoran and take a figure sculpture course. Il have to see what suits me best when I get to the end of the year.
After that Im thinking of ether staying in the comunity college and finish up my asociates in Graphic Design or blow this popsicle stand and go to Canada.

Everything depends on how much I learn this year.

So much to learn so little time.

Well long storry short Its 1:28 in the morning and I have homework to do.



ROFL, just make sure you don’t use permanent ink. :wink:

Looking forward to your update! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Finaly Im here. I still didnt get a chance to put all my stuff out.

My hosting site crapped out on me so if you have some alternative to it would be very welcome.

Here is more of my work…

PS sorry for the wait.

This is a scratchboard from highschool.

This is a print once again from highschool.
I really enjoyed making this one.
Took two days to carve in my spare time.

Same print in collor(turn your head sideways :stuck_out_tongue: )

And this is the female sculpture. Which now seems to have become a little unballanced but I promise it used to stand better. The first sculpture is very much falling appart due to a crapy armature I got from the school the second one I made myself :wink: .

Well this is it for today. Have another shot of the sculptures, 3 more figure pieces somewhere in my house and one and only painting that I will dare to show to the public.
Once I find a better place to host I’l put them up.

Oh and rebecca in case u havent seen yet I edited my last post.

Edit: Holy jesus christ mary and joseph and the sheep. No wonder it took me for ever to upload.


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