summer at noon, Oliver Wende (3D)


Title: summer at noon
Name: Oliver Wende
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, VRay

hi guys …

this thing started out differently. I wanted to model the sofa only in the first place… after that I just keept going and this is the result :slight_smile:
I got inspired by a scene on

so, this is something different form the modern interiors I used to do but was a big fun anyway…

nevertheless, hope u like it…



well shennie your work is very good & very good detalis but by the textures of cloth hes need more work ok

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:


the piece looks good, at least all the 3d elements inside look pretty good.
The one thing that detracts is that the background plate sticks out a bit as looking like a plate. Id try to build out the geometry outdoors a bit more, with maybe 3d grass or a camera projection.


very nice lighting and composition!


thanks for comments guys…

yeah time was a bit short for a proper fabric texture. so this is just a diffuse colour with fresnel in luminance channel

@goalieman392 … your probably right on the background. this time I had some trouble finding the right picture which transports thr right feeling for this rendering…

nevertheless I think it turned out ok :wink:

thx, cheers


nice work!! luv it two thumbs up from me


fantastic modeling and lighting



thank you guys :slight_smile: … very kind


very nice rendering love it that you used Cinema 4D the only thing is that the background pic is too bright but nice job


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