"Suicide Blonde", Reynan Sanchez (2D)


Title: “Suicide Blonde”
Name: Reynan Sanchez
Country: Philippines
Software: Photoshop

Fantasy artwork created entitled “Suicide Blonde”, the entire concept is to bring together both beauty+monstrosity, entirely rendered in photoshop, critics are most welcome…thnx! :wink:


Cool! very good color palette. I love the anatomy too. Very nice stuff pal!


Wow! very nice artwork! love it!


This is excellent work, and i cant bealive that nobody gave you any stars so…




Fantastic job, Your style is Excelent, also design and colors are wonderful. Other things you have in portfolio are great too, Congratz :applause: 5stars


Hi there artizakO, great…GREAT PICTURE. ***** …(5 stars:thumbsup:).



Just wonderful! The detail is very gorgeous.:eek:


that`s some sick stuff man, really cool
there are one or two little odd things in there but overall this is so cool that I can live with it
only the upper body of the girl is rendered too flat compared to the psycho clowns in the background
4 stars from me


Wow, nice color, form, and style. Awesome work 5*s :applause:


It’s good to hear comments from you guys, those comments are very well appreciated…thanks,:slight_smile:


hey dude,i like your work so much,and also your character design and the color you render,its a really a piece of good art,i like it…^^


Wow, this one and the other two in your current portfolio are really fantastic paintings. Congratulations! Reminds me of Tommy Lee Edwards. +5


I like this painting and sketching lines of color:bounce:


Hands down one of the best pics I’ve seen recently. Beautiful…:love:


I think the work here is amazing and I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but I think it could have benefitted from more contrast with the far background. When I first looked at this the color pallet seemed to blend a lot. Nothing really popped out, nothing really sharp to generate focus. My eye couldn’t decide where the main subject was. The piece is titled Suicide Blond but she is not the stronger focus.

It feels wierd critiquing work superior to my own ability.


wow! amazing!


looks great mate, though the main character seems alil flat compare to the badass psycho guy:)very nice use of colors as well as the stylised design:thumbsup:


Awesome work, i love your style !


comments always appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:


thx for your guys for seeing and give comment to my art work,i really appreciare it…^^so thx…^O^