Suggestions Texturing and Rendering Apps for Silo


I’ve been using Silo for a while, but strictly modeling; now I want to texture the models and render them, I like the grey like rendering look, so I’m asking fellow Silo users which apps you use to texture then render your models. Apps that are simple and affordable like Silo.

Thank you.


Simple and affordable don’t usually go hand-in-hand. However, there is an app I like to use that is free but not necessarily simple. The appleseed renderer is opensource but the standalone .studio is not truly artist friendly yet. I have been using it a bit for a few years but mostly just played around in it. There is a Max, Maya and Blender plug-in being developed but only the Max is really very usable. However, the quality of the output is quite high and I see several updates to the code being posted to Github every day.

Also, you can access and render with appleseed from the command line. This would allow you to use the render option in Silo to get a quick grey scale rendering.

Apart from that I usually import my files into 3ds Max and use Corona Renderer. Not a real fan of Vray and I can’t afford to buy any others.

Here are some quick renders I did in appleseed using very simple materials so I could test out the last preview build of the Max plug-in.



I’m not sure if I already made this post…somewhere…maybe… (dang medication I’m on messes with my memory and sense of time!). Huh…

Anyway…I’d like to see a plugin developed (or “save as…” feature) to render in various open render engines as well as some stand alone ones. In particular, working WITHIN Silo, maybe one for both Cycles/Octane (on the nVidia side), and ProRender (on the AMD side). Come to think of it…maybe just do ProRender, as it is OpenCL and works with both nVidia and AMD cards (even mix-n-matched in the same system!).

So, yeah. ProRender. :slight_smile: For “independent” renderers, Marmoset Toolbag 3 and Keyshot 7 both seem like no-brainers to me.


Do you mean ‘real-time’ renderers? Or still and animation renderers?

For still and animation renderers, why not use Blender Cycles? (Or is this too much of a learning curve to import, light and render?)


I would like to introduce. This is my second post in CG. I’m Luny from Unreal Engine 4 forum
This is a post similar to the previous one since it addresses pretty much the same thing: Advanced render capabilities integrated in Silo3D.

I think it would be many light years ahead: Silo integrating a real-time render. Similar render like Sketchfab or Marmoset Toolbag taking advantage of features like PBR and Matcaps, including HDR sky-domes, AO and Curvature extraction with ability to perform bake from displacements and matcaps to normal, bump, AO, Curvature, Color ID and PBR workflow. I think it would be much better than integrating bridges to offline external renders like Renderman, Arnold, Corona, VRay…

Many models I modeled using Silo I have converted to FBX then I sent it to Sketchfab taking advantage of improved rendering and illumination features. Sketchfab is excellent free platform to aid in visualization, with HDR sky-domes, different light sources types, ambient occlusion, environment map reflections, matcap, transparency, glow effect, it provide a total idea of ​​how a job would end up in any 3D render application or game engine…



I have tested a bunch of rendering engines (standalone), and fell in love with KeyShot (trial) but unfortunately it is way out of my price range; so a small renderer similar to KeyShot in simplicity is Owlet renderer. I purchased a license and are really happy. It is not as professional (as KeyShot) but when you get the hang of it it does some nice renderings / and have some cool texture features. I export to .obj and it carries the textures etc from Silo to the app. Then you can layer the textures with features for glossiness, bump maps, etc.

I was also very intrigued about FluidRay RT, but unfortunately on my Win10 x64 Home edition (Creators update) it is just way to unstable. It even crashed opening its own template scene. Too bad because you can really get some amazing quality images from it; like KeyShot but for a fraction of the price (subscription based).

I find it weird that KeyShot does not have a better price model for amateurs / non-professional users as the price of USD 2000 for the app with the animation feature (1000 USD without) is just a joke really. Fine for professionals, but for single studio / home users it is just a budget killer.

Me for one hope that the Silo team would “merge” with a rendering team making a solid competitor to the excellent Mac app Cheetah 3D. Silo modelling / Cheetah modelling is very similar, but Cheetah has a great rendering engine built in (well good enough :wink: ).


For texturing does anybody have any experience using Substance Painter on Silo-made models?


I have! Including 3d-Coat.

Dibs Weapon by thebunny on Sketchfab