Suggestions of what to upgrade to from ColorsDS?


I’m almost embarrassed to say but I’ve done most of my painting practice on a Nintendo DS with the ColorsDS homebrew app . I basically bought it solely for that reason- but now it’s starting to show its wear and tear. The bottom screen is beginning to get yellow and the pressure sensitivity is getting bad on one side- but I loved it because I was able to just flip it open and start painting, it helped me get a lot of practice in when I could steal a half hour here or there on the go. The new DSi I heard doesn’t have pressure sensitivity, so that turned me off to it instantly.

I’d like to find something that’s still pretty light and small, and able to carry around in my messenger bag. I’ve considered an android tablet but I haven’t been able to find any with a pressure sensitive pen (an absolute must for me- I even tried the Samsung Galaxy pen but the built in paint app didn’t show too much promise)- that tends to disqualify the iPad for me too unless they have a pen that feels like a wacom now. There’s a Colors app for iPad but iirc it involves tilting the pad and painting with your finger, I’m not sure I could get used to that.

That leaves me thinking about the eeeSlate- which is frighteningly expensive, but might enable me to also use ZBrush on the go (which would be a huge plus).

For now, I’m mostly interested in finding a better setup to paint on without sacrificing the portability I’ve been enjoying with the DS, perhaps someone knows of some good suggestions?


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