Suggestions for a short



currently i’m working on my bachelor thesis which will be an animated short of roughly 1 minute length. It’s not my first short but right now i just can’t think of a funny story with a good punchline for the short. I’m looking for dry, maybe dark humor. Plus: it has to work without dialogue.

I was thinking about these two characters: A very nice, cute Monster/Demon and a Girl which is kinda into dark stuff, monsters and whatnot… i thought: hey there are tons of opportunities for a great short… but as of now i don’t know anything, my head is empty and i’ve been thinking about this for quite a time.

The short will be made in 3D and should be around 1 minute or less, but 2 minutes at the most! It is important that there is 1 or 2 sets at the most, like a graveyard or like a small room. Unfortunateley i won’t have much time so i can only do so much.

Some ideas i got were:

  • Girl plays videogames on TV, leaves Room, Monster jumps out of the TV (escapes the videogame) and eats her popcorn, Girl returns and the two meet… and…yeah
  • Girl and Monster sit on a Couch, play Videogames. Girl laughs at Monster because it lost 10+ times consecutively. Monster gets more angry each time until it finally chops the girl’s arm off (cut to blackscreen maybe ;)) Then the girl doesn’t laugh so much and is kinda afraid but her arm is re-attached again (sewn on) i don’t want her to have one arm only, kinda dark :wink:
  • It is established that the girl kinda dominates over the monster (like a pet maybe) and at every opportunity, like say, the monster wants to pick up a bottle of orange juice, the girl slaps the monster on its hand. That happens about 10 times or so until… i don’t know… the monster takes revenge by…chopping the girls arm off, kinda makes more sense here

Well, my question to you is this:
Can you give me some suggestions?
What do you think could happen if a demon or small devil meets a girl, in my case a nice demon and a kind of secluded, nerdy girl, although i wouldn’t want to fix myself on that :wink: The crazier, faster and more unexpected, the better.

I hope you can help me out if it’s not too much for a new member to ask of the writingforum.
Thank you very much


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