Suggestions for a PC-build configuration with a budget of $1500


I intend to use it for 3d simulations and quick rendering (as much as possible).

What i have in mind is
i7 8th gen.
Gigabyte motherboard B250MD3H
1TB Sata
120 GB ssd (reconsidering it)
NVidia 1060 6GB (not sure if i should spend more on GPU)
22" Dell LED (I want accurate and wide range of colors but not exceptionally)
No clue about cabinets and power supply.

Please, Suggest me something stable for now and something which i can probably upgrade after an year and a half or two.
Thanks! Will appreciate your time ^


Sorry dude! :sad:
That motherboard is not compatible with 8th gen. chip according to neweggs web site “CPU TypeCore i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium / Celeron (LGA1151) ,Supported CPU Technologies* Not Compatible with Intel 8th Gen CPUs”


If youre building a budget machine, I wouldnt spend too much on the gfx card or an i7. Youll get a better machine with a ryzen 3/5 or intel i5.

A 128g ssd will fill up quickly, 256 will give you much more headroom for your apps.

Drop down to a 1050, 960 or 970 gfx card to save a bit.

Additionally 22" is pretty small these days, see if you can squeeze in a 25/27 inch screen with the saved money. 1920x1080 should be a minimum. 2560 would be preferred.


Im afraid i already built it.
Got an i7 with 1060. with 250 ssd.

Anyway, Thanks matt !!

and @dpetty43 you’re right. had to get another board ^^


anisetra, How is the 1060 working out for you? I am currently trying to figure out if I should get a 1060 or 1070. Did you get the 3GB or 6GB version? I am going to be using it for AE and maybe some C4D in the future.


Hi Jim. I got the 6BG one. Well, So far its good. Though, Im not doing anything heavy atm. AE works great.
Well 1060 does not have ‘Ti’ variant (I think they are supposed to be powerful). 1060 will work fine! You can just put in another video card in (far)future when you need.
If you want the ‘ti’ variant 1050 has it and 1070 also has it. Look into it because i did not. ^^
cheers ~


Awesome! Thank you for the advice. It helps a lot.