suggestion about my course ..


I am uttam from Assam , I have worked with moon shadow theater for passed 6 years, I want to get into movie industry , can any one suggest how can I do this ? do i have to take up any course for this ?

i have heard about Whistling Woods International … can any one suggest me ho this institution is

here is the link :


I do not know anything about “moon shadow theatre,” but if you worked anywhere “for 6 years,” I would strongly suggest that you “work that angle” first.

Movies truly are an international industry. Therefore, no matter where in the world you are, I would also suggest that you start (and quite likely, end) your search “close to home.” If you already have “six years’ real world experience working in the performing-arts industry,” that’s a very distinct marketing advantage … and the most advantageous position from which to maximize that advantage is … right where you are.

Certainly, the institute that you refer-to “looks promising.” So, the very next thing that I would suggest that you do is to call them… and say to them, “by the way, I’ve been working in the performing arts industries in this country already, for 6 years.” That fact will immediately convey to them that you are not a “newbie.”

Remember: “a school” is exactly that: a school, not “a golden ticket.” Since you already have a six-year(!) credential in the performng arts, you already know quite a lot about “the business,” even if you do not yet realize that you do. What a school really has to offer you, then, is a highly concentrated stream of “industry experience” that might be a fast-lane to what knowledge you have already accumulated in the last six years of your (it has already started!) career. Your task, then, is to consider just what sort of an advantage such a thing might be (or, might really not be!!) to your plans. (Fair warning: It is an educated guess.)

“So, bloom where you are planted.” “Work ‘the home-field advantage’ first.” Go to anyone who you already have contacts with at Moon Shadow… and, if you can, “take them out to lunch.” Have a good talk with them. (You are not a supplicant: you have been working with them for six years.) Ask them what they know about the business in your country… what you’re thinking about doing next… what they think. You know… “friend to friend.” Colleague to colleague.

Mark my words on this: No matter where(!) you are in this big world, personal contacts are priceless. The people that you work with every day … even on an informal basis, even a volunteer basis … have knowledge that is truly irreplaceable, and are willing to share it with you. Don’t overlook the value of such knowledge, or such industry contacts. On this point, it truly does not matter “where in the world you are.”


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