Sueños (Dreams)- video


Hi all.

This is a very exciting challenge.

My idea is to make a short film. the name of the short film es “Sueños” (Dreams).

This is about something I think we all have in common, is that as we grow we forget our dreams and leave forgotten. and let the day to day envelop us and suck our life. when we realize, the best of our life has gone and left most of our unfulfilled dreams.

The story is about a man (Lorenzo "Lawrence ") who is in his adulthood. Lorenzo gets up one morning after have had a nice dream in which he remembered how much he wanted to be an aviator when he was TEN. when awakens realizes that this was only a dream, and should return to the reality of their daily lives and boring. he wonders at what point he let his dreams die and let his life become a boring routine.

Lorencito that day (himself, when he was ten) is presented on several occasions and invited him to take courage and follow his dreams. Lorenzo does not accept because he is afraid. and the outcome can not be other than an old lorenzo never followed their dreams.


i like the idea you have here, especially dreaming of being an aviator, could make for an awesome piece. Goodluck!


Hey thanks Emptyshell, actually that was one of my dreams as a child.

Here i leave the storyboard. I really would like to have your comments, thanks for take the time for watching. i hope you like it.


Sorry this is an error a repeated post.


Love the idea - it has potential! looking forward to hearing more.


Hi all.

Tanks Jonah and Kevin for your kind comments.

This is the concept of Lorencito aviator, an lorencito Rockstar.

Hope you like it.


hi all.

I’ve been working very hard these days, and I have some progress of the main character. (Lorenzo). already modeling and rigging is ready too. leave some renders. really appreciate your comments.

Thank you.

Viewport Modeling.

Viewport Texturing.

Viewport Scene.

T Pose Render.

Posing Render.

foreground Render.

Hope you like it.


Really fast progress! Nice work.

Don’t forget to think about the seams in clothes - where the sleeves attach to his shirt especially. Striped shirts typically have a direction change at the seam on the shoulder since the sleeves and body are typically made from different pieces. I think this will really help his shirt look more realistic.

Here’s a good example:


Hey kevin thanks for your comment. And yes you are right. It looks a little weird, i’m going to fix it. Thanks.


Hi all.

This is an update. Lorencito Aviator.


hey sebastian this is looking really good! come a long way very quickly. I love your renders, the father character shows his downbeat personality very well. Great progress!!


hi all.

this is a new update. Lorencito aviator. c&c as always welcome.


Lorencito Rockstar.



Ok this is the rig of Lorencito, the facial rig is also controlled by Morph Targets.


This is a screenshot of part of the animation. in the first scene.


Hi all!

I have been working on the intro to the short film. and so far I have come to this result. still no sound.

Some animations are a little slow motion because at that time the character is in the arms of Morpheus, then everything happens at a different rhythm.

By the way, I think I had not mentioned yet, the following scenes will be a combination between real image and CG. this intro is only in 3D.

Criticisms and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

This is the entry:


hi all.

as said before. The following scenes will have a combination of real images with CG.
These are some pictures of the location of the first scene. capturing hdri maps.

The following is the background image for the first scene

This is the part of 3D.

And this is the integration.

I’m working on the animation for this first scene, as soon as it finished, I´ll upload it.
C&C are always welcome.


SebastianDelValle i like ur idea so much.
Beautiful story board and the character is awesome…great work.


Hi all, here an update!


hi all.

Here I show a screenshot of the animation of the scene 03, this is the moment when Lorencito appears to lorenzo to encourage him to follow him, to follow their dreams.