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Des Jardin talks about his work on the tight budgeted ‘Sucker Punch’ 3D production, overseeing a bunch of studio crews on their work. Click the image to read the story about girls, guns and getting VFX done.


wow, what timing, thanks. Zach Snyder, is out of his mind for making a loose movie like this. Absolutely, nonsense. But, the VFX is top of the line :buttrock:


Beautiful visuals

Thanks for the article and congrats to all the artists who worked on this film :thumbsup:

Also Zack Snyder :love:

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Wooooo! Thanks for the post :slight_smile:


Great article!!


I have seen this movie,it’s so amazing& surprise!


best movie i’ve seen since wicker man.


i see what you did there :slight_smile:

beees!! not the bees!


I’m excited for the visual effects in this. I would love to see breakdowns. Thanks for the article!


The wood simulation was done with a custom version of DMM - the same finite element modeling system that comes with Maya 2012. We worked with MPC to adopt DMM into their destruction pipeline. The result is their new destruction system called “KALI”. There are more details on this in the Cinefex article on Sucker Punch - Cinefex 125.

The sequences with wood breaking turned out great and we are very proud of the work we did with MPC. Expect to see more of Kali in some upcoming movies that MPC is involved in :wink:

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