Substantia - animation short


Dear friends,

I’m proud to show you my shortfilm SUBSTANTIA. You can watch/download it at:

For those of you who have a fast internet connection, I recommend the HD-720 download. It’s the only way to appreciate the work that went into its making, since it was created at HD-1080 resolution.

Some parts will be familiar to those of you who saw my FX/Lighting reel.

C&C most welcome. Thanks for the visit.



good job! 5 :thumbsup:


Wow…that was absolutely beautiful…the way you tied it together at the end with the tear…WOW!!! Loved it, 5 stars…I want to see this on the frontpage!


Ragdoll, Ivanisavich I’m glad to see that you enjoyed our shortfilm.

We hope more people will like it as well!!


Jas (José Angel Soto)


You deserve an Oscar!




Yep you are getting plugged!

Great work!

PS Thanks to Rens Heeren for the tip


Wow guys! Thanks a lot for the frontpage (to Roberto Ortiz for doing it, to all the others for giving the idea) ;).


Well when you won some awards, just plug us…

Great work!



This is beautiful!
I completely understand.

Good job!


oh, ah, make me so curious
but download from megaupload is very slow


Truth is, we already won a couple… :smiley:

In June we won the 1st Award in Animation category, at the Caostica festival (Bilbao, Spain).

Although we were notified weeks ago about the other one (and a pretty important one, too), it is not fully official. It should be announced in a matter of days, so I’ll let you know as soon as it goes public.

I’ll add an awards section to the website soon. Until then, for more up-to-date information, and if you understand spanish, you can visit my blog (


Sorry Latrommi. In a few days we’ll find a hosting solution better than megaupload, but until then it’s the best solution we have. Thanks a lot for your patience!


Yeah very nice work guys, awesome work all around. I love the growing ice and flower, nice effects!


incredible man! great job!


It’s very beautiful and sweet :slight_smile: A lot of sense and great effects.


Sorry, I feel that there’s a problem about plugging into the frontpage.

It doesn’t mean the animation is no good but it seems that with a few people response to the thread and “yell” plug it, and so it got “plugged”. I just think about what does it means?

(4 people response to the thread and so it get plugged?)



it got plugged because “H” is for Hwhicked…

just like “H” is for cool hwhip.


I agree

I think Ortiz has a personal interest in this from reeading the post where someone mentions he helped with the idea behind this. Nothin wrong with a mod having a personal interest I guess…but…I do think the quality of this piece does no good for CGTALK standards.

This work is not up to the standard I think most people expect.

Sorry, but I wasted time downloading this - I expect MUCH better from plugged items.


Just want to put that straight and out of the discussion: Ortiz has nothing to do with the short (read the credits). I thanked him because (I think, not sure) he “plugged” it. As for the reasons why he or whoever plugged it, I can’t say. I’m just happy they did.


If we succeed bringing the shortfilm to 35mm., I’m not sure about the Oscar, but we’ll send it to the Goya Awards, the Oscar spanish equivalent, and then we’ll see…

Once more thanks for your replys!!