Substance to Maya(Arnold). Everything I rendered look "grey- ish"


Just to clarify I am still new to Arnold as I just recently swap from mental ray to arnold. Hence, forgive me if my question sound stupid.
This is an image from arnold’s render view. As you can see the whole model look pale and greyish. I have tried an “actual render” and the result remain the same.

The following are my setting :

I am not sure if it had anything to do with my shader setup (I have tried toying with it but nothing 've change). However, in just it case.

Shader(aIStandard) setting:
Most of the setting are straightforward where I apply the corresponding map to the corresponding section. The only things I’ve change are

  1. Changing microfacet distributyion to “ggx” and applying an f0 map to reflectance at normal.

  2. Applying Gamma correction and changing the gamma value to “2.200” to both roughness and f0 map.

That basically about it. Expert guidance is appreciated, Thank you.


if you turn on color managemnt it should work out of the box…
dont need fiddle with gamma settings…


Ya. What oglu said. You don’t need gamma node.
And to add to what he said…in the file node. Under colorspace, make sure you’re base color should be sRGB.
And things like spec/rough, metal/reflect, normal/bump, should be RAW colorspace.