Substance to Maya 2016 Arnold to Substance to Maya 2018 NEW Arnold


helloI have made materials in substance painter 2.41 and have exported everything for arnold shaders in maya 2016 with Arnold for Maya
It is all looking great.
My question is: I am switching to Maya 2018 and will be using the latest version of Arnold.
How should I deal with my shaders? Is there a new way to export out of substance painter to be used in the latest arnold? Because I hear it is very different?
OR do I have to just convert my shaders from maya arnold old to maya arnold new (I heard this was very different and the results are not good)
please help!


I realize that this post is a little old, but to your point, Maya 2018 uses Arnold 5, which is now uses physically based rendering (i.e., the whole metallic, roughness, and base color maps setup), so your exports will become PBR exports from Substance and in Maya, you’ll connect the maps where needed and do the following:

-All maps should be raw
-Roughness and metallic will have alpha is luminescence enabled
-The normal map should be use tangent space normals and flip r and g should be disabled

Hope this helps.