Substance pipeline inquire



I’m trying to wrap my head around the whole Substance Designer pipeline and it’s taking a while (I’ve watched tutorials and read around). Can some please let me know if Substance could be used to recreate this image? The concrete material, it is. I’d be doing the 3d modeling in Blender


Or I’m better off just doing a uv paint job in photoshop? I assume Substance Painter is out of the question for this type of job right?

Thanks in advance.


If you are just trying to do the scene with a PBR workflow you could use Substance Designer or Substance Player using downloaded SBAR files from cc0 or simiilar.

This way you can tile all the textures, as long as your geometry is unwrapped well (good texel density etc) and have it game-ready or file interachangable or whatever your intended outcome.